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Denis Moyogo Jacquerye

Co-lead DejaVu fonts project | Belgium

Denis Moyogo Jacquerye, the co-lead of the DejaVu fonts project, the default GUI fonts on several Linux OS distributions, is working on extending various Open Source fonts to support African orthographies in Latin script. He is collaborating with a network of experts in African languages localization as part of the Pan Africa localization Network. Denis, with a Bs.C in Computer Science and a minor in Linguistics from McGill University, has experience in the Language Technology industry, Open Source software, Font Engineering and Unicode software support for African language.

Presentation details

African fonts and the open source community

TypeTech TT07 | Room Palace A
Thursday 18 September | 09:40 – 10:30

Theme TypeTech by ATypI | Duration: 50 minutes

This presentation will discuss the requirements of orthographies African languages in Latin scripts and show how to implement these with modern fonts technologies. Good practices, mistakes and evaluation of fonts for African languages with high requirements will be discussed. The presentation will also showcase various font projects that are benefitting from the input, feedback and work of the Open Source community. A description of the work done to extend various Open Source fonts will be given, both in design (glyphs, variants, etc.) and in technologies (OpenType, automation of some steps with scripting, etc.).

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