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Alexey Dombrovskiy

Chief of design group Printing-house â Vlastaâ | Russian Federation

Alexey Dombrovskiy was born in 1964 in Russia (Uzlovaya, Tula region). He graduated from the Tula Polytechnical Institute in 1986. He works in book design. Member of the Union of Designers. He cooperates with various publishing houses and designs books for the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Entomological Society, the Moscow State University, the Tula State University, and printed matter for the Bolshoi Theatre, the Moscow Kremlin Museums, the State Hermitage Museum. Author of some articles on the history of initals.

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Art of the First Letter
Russian decorative book initial used in 15th–early 18th centuries

Session B07 | Room Palace B
Friday 19 September | 17:20 – 18:10

Theme Cyrillic | Duration: 50 minutes

Cyrillic printed initial caps by 15–17th centuries as the Civil prototype. First slavic capitals as serif (1494). Francisco Scorina’s modernization of cyrillic type and capital letters (1517–1525). Gothic motives in Moscow floriated letters by Ivan Fyodorov and his followers (1564–1677). Alternative cyrillic typefaces at Moskovia’s western remote area (17th cent.). “Sobornoye Ulozhenie” by czar Alexey Mikhaylovich: latin style of capital letters in Russian corpus juris (1649). The Civil type’s initials in Peter the Great’s editions (1708–1725).

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