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Nick Shinn

President ShinnType | Canada

Nick Shinn was born in London in 1952. He has a Dip.AD in Fine Art from Leeds Polytechnic, and is a Registered Graphic Designer in Ontario, Canada. He has lived in Toronto since 1976. During the 1980s he worked in advertising as a creative director. Going digital in 1989 he started Shinn Design, specializing in publication design. Since 1980 he has designed over twenty typefaces. In 1999 he launched Shinntype. Shinn has written for Druk, Eye, and Graphic Exchange, spoken at ATypI, TypeCon, and Graphika conferences, and taught at York University. He was a board member of SOTA from 2001–2006.

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Scotch Modern
Fact and fiction

Session A03 | Room Palace A
Friday 19 September | 12:00 – 12:50

Theme Revivals | Duration: 50 minutes

This paper presents the revival of a mid-19th century typeface as a balance between the demands of authenticity (historical and cultural), and those of invention (meeting the needs of extensive OpenType features in multiple encodings—Latin, polytonic Greek, Cyrillic including Asian). Historical issues: a theory of Contextual Press Gain explains genre's physical characteristics; Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic models. Glyph proliferation: old-style figures for a modern face; unicase and swash capitals in three scripts. Management of alternates — in Greek: layered stylistic sets; in Bulgarian: orthography, aesthetics. Harmonization — in small capitals: optimizing x-height across scripts; diacritics (Latin extended); straight and Italic Greek: a divergent scheme.

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