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Sponsorship opportunities
Invitation to sponsor

The ATypI 2008 Conference Committee and Board invite you to show your support by offering sponsorship to our event. We recognize the integral part sponsors play in events, and greatly respect and value your consideration.

By supporting this event, you have the potential to have exclusivity of certain sponsorship privileges.

Sponsorship categories

Paragon – US$10,000.00

This category also offers:

Pica - US$7,500.00

This category also offers:

Brevier - US$5,000.00

This category also offers:

Minion - US$3,000.00

This category also offers:

Nonpareil - US$ 2,000.00

Agate – US$1,000.00

Pearl – US$ 500.00


For more informtion or to invest in sponsorship, please talk to our Executive Director, Barbara Jarzyna.