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Visa application procedures

There are three essential elements of your trip to St Petersburg: travel, accommodation and visas.

Most conference participants need a visa from the Russian government in order to attend the conference. Here is how to get one.


Three scenarios

There are three possible scenarios in obtaining a hotel reservation and a visa to Russia.

Scenario A: Use a travel agency in your home country that specializes in trips to Russia. A travel agency in your home country that specializes in trips to Russia can take care of all steps for you. They can handle the hotel booking, the preparation of your visa application and the actual process of obtaining the visa at the Russian consulate in your country. The travel agency will charge you an extra processing fee (typically 50-100 USD) but will handle everything, often including delivering your passport back to your doorstep.

Scenario B: Use our local supplier Monomax to book a hotel and prepare your visa application, then submit the visa application yourself to the Russian consulate in your home country. This process should be quite easy as Monomax will handle the first two parts of the process. However, you will need to deliver your visa application to the Russian consulate, and then collect your passport with your visa.

Scenario C: Book a hotel yourself, have the hotel send you the visa voucher, prepare and submit the visa application yourself to the Russian consulate. This should be the cheapest scenario, and will give you the greatest flexibility in the choice of hotels, but will require performing some additional steps (preparing and submitting the visa application.)

Below, the scenario B is described, with extra remarks regarding the other scenarios.

Step 1: Check the validity of your passport

Your passport must be valid 6 months beyond intended stay. Since the ATypI St Petersburg conference takes place from 17 to 21 September 2008, your passport should be valid at least until end of March 2009.

Step 2: Make a hotel reservation and get confirmation

You may follow this link,, to reserve your room through our local supplier, Monomax, or choose to reserve your room independently. Monomax will provide you with a visa voucher and booking receipt.

If you book your hotel independently, make sure that the hotel will supply the visa voucher to you, and that they will handle your passport registration while you are in St Petersburg. Almost all hotels, especially those located in the city center, offer these services.

Step 3. Prepare your application, with photos and cover letter

The Monomax site (see above) has a downloadable application form with instructions how to fill it.

If you do not use Monomax services, visit the Russian embassy website if you are a U.S. citizen, or visit to find more information about Russian consulates in your area. There, you can download your visa application form for both US and non-US citizens, as well as find information on the required documentation, processing times and fees.

Step 4. Mail or deliver personally your application materials to your Russian consulate

Please ensure that you deliver your application to the Russian consulate office designated to your area of residence if you plan to personally remit your application. Also note the address for mailed applications, which may be different from the one for personal applications.

Step 5. Check your visa for accuracy when you get it

Once you receive your completed visa, please ensure that all dates are correct according to your needs.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact Barbara at