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Masterpieces of Johann Neudörffer the Elder (1497-1563)

Oliver Linke

Friday 14 September | 10:45 – 11:15
Location: Sallis Benney Theatre

Presentation | Theme: Legacies | Duration: 30 minutes

What could be more appropriate for a conference that focuses on the „handmade“ aspects of typo, than looking back to the 16th century, when one of the first and most influential writing masters, Johann Neudörffer the elder, founded his new school of writing in Nürnberg. It was around 1519 when he started to print the first plates. Intending to explain the writing techniques for broken scripts, these prints eventually became the foundation for a new kind of writing education throughout Europe. Some of his methods are even still alive in contemporary type design.

As one of todays specialists about Neudörffer (a monograph will be published in december this year), Linke will give not only the latest conclusions of his research that focuses on the relations of early writing masters between Germany and Italy. He will also allow an unprecedented insight to the impressingly skillful manuscripts of Neudörffer and some of his followers.

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Oliver Linke Type Designer Lazydogs Typefoundry | Germany

Oliver Linke (*1971) studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany and the University of Missouri, Kansas City (1993–98). He continued his studies in art history, art education and philosophy (2000-05) at the University of Augsburg. Today his work focuses on book- and type design. He teaches Typography and Type Design at the Designschule München and the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach.

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