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Bringing typefaces to life

Ole Schaefer

Friday 14 September | 14:15 – 14:45
Location: Sallis Benney Theatre

Presentation | Theme: Legacies | Duration: 30 minutes

For more than one and a half years I draw and discuss the typefaces of Karl-Heinz Lange (*1929) with him. Lange was the most creative type designer of the former GDR and has drawn his typefaces for the only type label in the GDR: Typoart. The main typeface I like to show and talk about was drawn to set the GDR telephone books in 1989; in 1990 Germany become one state. So the typeface was rarely used and not available since then.

Together we overworked the two existing fonts, original drawn in the seventies for photo lettering. Because of the very good readability we decided to expand the weights, we added Italics, Caps and different figure sets. Now the typeface has become a corporate typeface; it will be released this year at primetype library.

We had our hands on an old typeface drawn for an old typesetting system. We keep the modern style and readability and drawn it new to bring it to life on our days computers.

The lecture will also include two other typefaces of Lange and examples of studies about character shapes and readability. The typefaces of Lange always have a shape based on his handwritings; he was also a teacher in calligraphy, typography and book design.

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Ole Schaefer Typedesigner and CEO primetype GmbH | Germany

Ole Schaefer was born in Guetersloh, Germany in 1970. He is a type designer specializing in corporate design, logo design and typeface systems as well as typography and type design consultancy.

In 1995 he went to work as a type designer/director of typedesign & typography for renowned design firm MetaDesign in Berlin. He became a freelance designer in 1999 and also teaches digital typedesign at Berlin's designakademie. In 2002 he founded his own typedesign company primetype GmbH in Berlin.

He gives lectures in typedesign, typography and editorial design.

In 2006/07 he is teacher (Prof.) in typography at university Hildesheim.

Schaefer has draw typefaces like: FF Fago, FF Info, FF Zine, PTL Notes, PTL Manual and many more. He has drawn a lot custom typefaces for clients like: Audi, Glasgow 1999, WDR Television, The Economist, New Scientist, Duesseldorf Airport and more.

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