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Typeface Praetoria: from v-cut to digital media

Tanja Madved, Klementina Mozina

Saturday 15 September | 11:30 – 12:00
Location: Seminar Room 202

Presentation | Theme: Digital hands | Duration: 30 minutes

The purpose of the present research work was to create a new font based on an old inscription on the Praetorian palace in Koper. Old chiselled letters from the 17th century formed the basis for the creation of the new font. The steps of the digitalisation process were as follows: taking photographs of the inscription, cutting the individual letters out of the photographs, archiving the photographs, choosing typographically and stylistically most suitable letters, the structural and stylistical analysis of the engraved letters, making a handmade draft and finally digital shaping of the font. The analysis of the engraved letters includes an explanation of the chiselling technique and of the use of the V-cut and a typographical analysis of the letter structure. The font created with the process of digitalisation has been named Praetoria. It includes capitals, small caps, numbers and additional characters. The font was finalized—digitalised by using the FontLab Studio 5 program. The structure and style of the newly designed letters are precisely described. Different stages of their formation and designing process are presented, as well as the comparison with the capitalis monumentalis and the Trajan typeface. While the chiselled letters have characteristics of the Humanist typefaces, the Praetoria letters are similar to the Garalde typefaces. A presentation of the practical application of Praetoria font is also included. The letters were used as a distinct part of the corporate image of the The regional Museum Koper as the selected font for the logo placed on the envelope, a memo, a business card and a web page.

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Tanja Madved MA student University of Ljubjiana | Slovenia

Tanja Medved graduated in 2006, currently is working towards a MA in typography at University of Ljubljana.

Klementina Mozina Assistant Professor University of Ljubljana | Slovenia

Klementina Mozina received her PhD in 2001 from Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana). She now is an assistant professor at University of Ljubljana, Chair of Information and Graphic Arts Technology. Her research is related to history and usability of typography.

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