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Touching shadows of the past

Recasting the types of a Cretan Renaissance master

George D. Matthiopoulos

Saturday 15 September | 10:45 – 11:15
Location: Seminar Room 202

Presentation | Theme: Digital hands | Duration: 30 minutes

The Cretan Zacharias Callierges (c. 1576-1525) was a great craftsman whose presence and contribution to the early Greek printing was immesurable, second only to Aldus Manutius. I was commissioned to digitize his famous Byzantine Greek type for the publication of a commemorative edition of Pindar's Olympian Odes for the Olympic Games in Athens, 2004. Later the typeface was used to cast the whole font in metal in order to typeset a four pages sample of his famous Etymologicum Magnus (1499). The types and typeset formes will be used as exhibits in the Museum of Greek Printing and Paper, which is being under preparation by the Cultural Foundation of the Piraeus Bank Group.

In the presentation I will discuss the process of digitizing the characters (over 400 shorts of various ligatures), cutting the matrices, casting type with a Monotype Supercaster and typeseting the first four pages of the book. I believe that relating the experience of such a unique project to my fellow type designers will offer them a great insight into the early printing practices and achievements.

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George D. Matthiopoulos Type Designer Greek Font Society | Greece

George D. Matthiopoulos teaches Type design and Typography at the School of Graphic Arts of the Technical Institute of Athens. He also works as type designer for the Greek Font Society, and as freelance typographer specialising in book design, corporate identity, and typographic communication for museum exhibitions. He has written the text book of the course Type History and Design for the Greek Open University (2002), he has translated Victor Scholderer’s, Greek Printing Types: 1465-1927 (Typophilia, 1995) and Robert Bringhurst’s, The Elements of Typographic Style (Crete University Press, 2001).

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