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Typography on architecture

the effects of variation in Turkey

Ebru Baranseli

Saturday 15 September | 14:15 – 14:45
Location: Dance Studio Room 225

Presentation | Theme: Cultures | Duration: 30 minutes

The aim of this study is to observe and analyze the origins of the reflections on combinations of architectural typography in Turkey, which have been a bridge between eastern and western cultures, and that have been effected by various civilizations in different eras, by crusades, immigration, deportation, in the past throughout the reflections in the world today. This historical process covers a 300 thousand year-period. Through the long historical period where civilizations like Byzantium, Eastern Rome, The Latin Empires, Ottoman Empire preveil, cultures such as the Megara Communes, Sasanids, Arabians, Romans, Greeks, Armenians, Hebrews and Turks is studied. The typography that have been effected by architecture, or architectural components reflecting and having traces of the graphic styles of different cultures, is flourished on the streets all together. Analyzing the relationships, the influences and the disunities between these generous architectural and typographical examples, this study mainly focuses on the examples that are to be considered as “kitch” because of the installation.

This study can make an expansion on the effects of the historical forms on today’s everyday life structures and typography, by the advantage of historically layered civilizations.

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Ebru Baranseli Lecturer | Turkey

Ebru Baranseli graduated from the Graphic Design department at Hacettepe University, FADA, in 1996. In 2003, he gained an MFA in Graphic Design from Anadolu University, ISS, with the thesis ‘The Study Of Graphic Design Projects And The Presentation Advantages In Interactive Environment’. She now works as an instructor in the Graphic Design Department in FFA, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey

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