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New professional identity of type designer

Alessandro Fiore

Saturday 15 September | 17:00 – 17:30
Location: Seminar Room 202

Presentation | Theme: Digital hands | Duration: 30 minutes

The definition of a new professional identity of type designer is the final chapter of a PhD thesis on contemporary type design, developed with the support of the Department of Typography of the University of Reading (UK).

Throughout history, typeface design has evolved by slow morphological variations. Type designers were considered the Stradivari of literature: not only creators of marketable products but artists who designed and realized instruments that other artists would have used.

Since the last part of the 80’s, type design has been characterized by an increasing democratization, both in quantity of production and in aesthetic achievements. But in contemporary society, controlled by market rules, it is difficult for a design practice to prescind from the features of selling and consumption which are common to all fields of design.

In the last few years the models of design and releasing of typefaces have been getting closer to those of the pre-digital era.

The large corporations release digital fonts embedding them in their software, or dictating the format standards, according to the old practice, where the typefaces were distributed together with the equipment of typographical composition.

Furthermore, just like the old punchcutters, nowadays the more expert designers succeed in controlling and modelling as they want their own design tools, elaborating refined scripts in support of the digital technology.

This “new digital wave” keeps up the better professional identities, formed by learned designers, who unite a deep knowledge of traditional typographical rules, creative estro, technological skills and the perception of the rapid changes imposed by the technological development.

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Alessandro Fiore PhD Student University of Palermo | Italy

(1974) Italian Architect and graphic designer, obtained a degree with a thesis on “Neue Tipografie” and has a Phd at the University of Palermo (Italy) with research on countemporary type design, in collaboration with the Department of Typography of the University of Reading (UK). He deals with history of design and he is a visual design consultant for private and public clients.

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