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A comparative study of printed Bengali typefaces

Hot-metal vs. digital

Chinmay Battacharya

Sunday 16 September | 11:30 – 12:00
Location: Dance Studio Room 225

Presentation | Theme: Cultures | Duration: 30 minutes

Four different Bengali typefaces of twelve-point size and which are mainly used for body text were chosen for this study. Two typefaces were generated from hot-metal casting and another two were digital. Ten same alphabets selected randomly from each typeface were printed on matt-coated paper for the physical measurement of each typeface. Also four paragraphs (with some randomly placed substitutions) of each approximately 240 words randomly chosen from an article and printed on matt-coated paper by these four typefaces for testing reading performance of the typefaces by twenty five students of secondary level whose first language was Bengali. Printing processes were Letterpress for hot-metal casting typefaces and Offset for digital typefaces. Results from this study showed that 12 pt. hot-metal casting type faces were bigger than the typefaces generated from computer. Reading time of the paragraphs composed by the hot-metal casting typefaces was lower than the reading time of paragraphs composed by digital typefaces. It was also observed that maximum number of students preferred one hot-metal casting typeface than others for their textbooks.

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Chinmay Battacharya Engineering assistant Indian Statistical Institute | India

Printing Engineer, more than twenty years in the field of Letterpress and Offset printing, research interests in the field of typography, industrial pollution, statistical quality control in the printing industries etc.

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