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Andy J Altmann

Graphic Designer Why Not Associates | UK

Andy Altmann graduated in graphic design from the Royal College of Art in 1987 and almost immediately formed the multi disciplinary design group Why Not Associates with fellow graduates David Ellis and Howard Greenhalgh. Located in London, Why Not Associates gained an international reputation based on a creative and experimental approach. In 19 years of experience they have worked on projects ranging from exhibition design to postage stamps via advertising, publishing, television titles, commercials and corporate identity. there clients include the Royal Academy of Arts, Malcolm Mcclaren, the Royal Mail, Nike, Paul Smith, Virgin Records and Channel 4.

A monograph was published in 1998 by Booth-Clibborn Editions documenting the first ten years of their work. A second was published in 2004 by Thames and Hudson which documented another five years. They still strive to push the boundaries of graphic design and more recent projects collaborating with artist Gordon Young have moved them into the world of public art.... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 10:45 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Typography in the Environment
  • Bill Baggett

    | Usa

    William Baggett is a second-generation artist/designer and has taught graphic design at university level for over 30 years. In addition, his paintings and printmaking work are included in collections throughout the US, Europe and Japan. He and his wife Lynne share a mutual enthusiasm for letterforms and typography and enjoy collaborating on various design projects. During the past ten years, this has evolved into an intensive look at ancient carved letterforms in the British Isles.... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 11:30 | Seminar Room 202 | Covering ground or covering up
  • Lynne Joddrell Baggett

    Graphic designer Bzquare Editions | Usa

    Lynne Joddrell Baggett spent five years in London as a graphic designer before moving to the US where she has taught at three universities and now serves as Associate Professor of Art, in the Graphic Design area at Louisiana State University. Lynne has received several grants and fellowships for her research with incised typographical letterforms and maintains an art and design studio in Mississippi with her husband, William, who also shares her enthusiasm for typography as an art form.... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 11:30 | Seminar Room 202 | Covering ground or covering up
  • Phil Baines

    Professor of Typography: UAL:Central Saint Martins | Designer & writer Phil Baines studio / Central Saint Martins | UK

    Phil Baines is a freelance designer, writer, and Professor of Typography at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. Phil has worked as a freelance graphic designer for a variety of arts organisations and publishers since leaving the RCA in 1987.

    He has worked together with Catherine Dixon on book designs for Phaidon Press; Laurence King; and for the award-winning Penguin Books Great Ideas series. They are frequent contributors to Eye; other writing includes the website publiclettering.org.uk and the book Signs: lettering in the environment (Laurence King 2003).

    He has written two other books: Type & typography (with Andrew Haslam, 2nd edition, Laurence King 2005); and Penguin by design: a cover story 1935–2005 (Penguin 2005). ... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 11:30 | Sallis Benney Theatre | From the Motor Car Act to motorways
  • Sun 16 Sep | 15:00 | A | Lettering walk around Brighton
  • Ebru Baranseli

    Lecturer | Turkey

    Ebru Baranseli graduated from the Graphic Design department at Hacettepe University, FADA, in 1996. In 2003, he gained an MFA in Graphic Design from Anadolu University, ISS, with the thesis ‘The Study Of Graphic Design Projects And The Presentation Advantages In Interactive Environment’. She now works as an instructor in the Graphic Design Department in FFA, Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 14:15 | Dance Studio Room 225 | Typography on architecture
  • Chinmay Battacharya

    Engineering assistant Indian Statistical Institute | India

    Printing Engineer, more than twenty years in the field of Letterpress and Offset printing, research interests in the field of typography, industrial pollution, statistical quality control in the printing industries etc.... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 11:30 | Dance Studio Room 225 | A comparative study of printed Bengali typefaces
  • John D. Berry

    Program Manager Microsoft Typography | USA

    John D. Berry is an editor and typographer who works both sides of the design/content divide. He is the former editor and publisher of U&lc (Upper and lower case) and of U&lc Online. He is the author and designer of Dot-font: Talking About Fonts and Dot-font: Talking About Design (Mark Batty Publisher, 2006), and the editor of Language Culture Type (ATypI/Graphis, 2002), Contemporary Newspaper Design, and U&lc: influencing design & typography. John has a deep and eclectic background in both editing and typography; he has made a career for more than twenty-five years in Seattle, New York, and San Francisco as an editor and book designer. He writes and consults extensively on typography, and he has won numerous awards for his book designs. He is currently a program manager with Microsoft Typography. He lives in Seattle with the writer Eileen Gunn. ... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 14:45 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Closing plenary
  • Anne McLaren Boddington

    Head of School of Architecture & Design University of Brighton | United Kingdom

    None... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 09:00 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Welcome
  • Bruce Brown

    Dean, Faculty of Arts and Architecture University of Brighton | UK

    None... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 09:10 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Helvetica
  • Matthew Carter

    Principal Carter & Cone Type Inc | USA

    Matthew Carter is a type designer with fifty years' experience of typographic technologies ranging from hand-cut punches to computer fonts. He is a principal of Carter & Cone Type Inc., in Cambridge, Massachusetts, designers and producers of original typefaces.

    His type designs include ITC Galliard, Snell Roundhand and Shelley scripts, Helvetica Compressed, Olympian (for newspaper text), Bell Centennial (for the US telephone directories), ITC Charter, Mantinia, Big Caslon, Fenway and Miller. For Microsoft he designed the screen fonts Verdana, Tahoma and Georgia. He has been a member of ATypI since 1963.

    Matthew Carter is a Life Member of ATypI.... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 15:00 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Bruce Rogers and his Centaur type
  • Karen Cheng

    Assistant Professor University of Washington | USA

    Karen Cheng is Associate Professor in the Visual Communication Design program at the University of Washington in Seattle, where she teaches type design and typography. She was previously an instructor at the School of Design at the University of Cincinnati, where she received her Master’s degree in Graphic Design. Karen is an active practitioner whose design work has been recognized and published by the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Communication Arts, Print, Critique, I.D. Magazine, the American Center for Design, P.I.E. Tokyo, and Rockport Publishers. She has won multiple gold and silver medals from the Society for Publication Design and the University and College Designers Association. Her book, Designing Type, was published in 2006 by Laurence King (U.K.) and Yale University Press (U.S.)... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 14:15 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Teaching type in the city
  • Joe Clark

    Open & Closed Project | Canada

    I work in the field of accessibility for people with disabilities in Toronto. I have a 25-year interest in typography, with a wide portfolio of published articles and presentations. I’ve done paid work on legibility of typefaces for transit signage. I’m the founder of the Open & Closed Project, a standardization project that also includes screenfonts for captioning and subtitling (Screenfont.CA)... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 11:30 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Inscribed in the living tile
  • David J Crow

    Head of Design Manchester School of Art | United Kingdom

    ... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 17:45 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Virtual handicraft
  • Catherine Dixon

    Senior Lecturer / Designer Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design / Catherine Dixon: Design & Writing | UK

    Catherine Dixon is a designer who also teaches at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London. She writes regularly on typography and type design, curates the bi-annual letterpress conference at St Bride Library, London and co-authored with Phil Baines the book Signs: lettering in the environment (2003). ... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 15:00 | A | Lettering walk around Brighton
  • Timothy Donaldson

    Type Designer | United Kingdom

    Timothy Donaldson is a letterworker. He was formed in the NorthWest of England, an only child of Yorkshire parents. He developed an obsessive interest in drawing during his first decade which matured into another obsession with writing (still drawing) during his second one. During his third decade he was a journeyman signwriter, earning his crust in pursuit of the just forming of letters. By his fourth decade he had become a lettering artist and type designer and a lecturer at Stafford School of Art + Design; a legendary destination for the teaching and learning of Typography in England. In his fifth decade, he focussed fully on his work with lettershapes and letterforms as a Research Fellow at the University of Lincoln, UK. He has now started his sixth decade and teaches at University College Falmouth, the last university in England. He has designed about 60 typefaces for Adobe, FontShop International, The International Typeface Corporation and Letraset. He is well known for his ongoing experiments with tools and chirographic mark-making, particularly in large scale performances. He recently wrote a book about the history of the alphabet entitled 'Shapes for sounds' (cowhouse). Now he's writing another one, but he's not going to talk about that just yet. ... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 10:45 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Listen to the hand
  • Alessandro Fiore

    PhD Student University of Palermo | Italy

    (1974) Italian Architect and graphic designer, obtained a degree with a thesis on “Neue Tipografie” and has a Phd at the University of Palermo (Italy) with research on countemporary type design, in collaboration with the Department of Typography of the University of Reading (UK). He deals with history of design and he is a visual design consultant for private and public clients. ... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 17:00 | Seminar Room 202 | New professional identity of type designer
  • Gerald Fleuss

    Calligrapher/Illuminator Calligraphy and Design | Great Britain

    Gerald Fleuss worked for a time for the lettercarver David Kindersley before studying calligraphy and bookbinding full-time with Ann Camp at Roehampton Institute of Higher Education, returning to teach there for the next ten years. He was elected a Fellow of the Society of Scribes and Illuminators in 1982, a member of the Art Workers’ Guild in 1983 and served as Honorary Designer of the Wynkyn de Worde Society for 1998. He is the co-author (with Dr John Nash) of Practical Calligraphy (Hamlyn 1991), was featured in Calligraphy Masterclass (Collins 1990) and contributed to The Calligrapher’s Project Book (Collins 1987) and Digital Calligraphy by George Thomson (Batsford 2003). His work is included in public collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Houghton Library, Harvard University USA.

    Gerald Fleuss is the Founder-Chairman of The Edward Johnston Foundation, dedicated to increasing a public awareness of calligraphy and its associated disciplines. ... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 11:30 | Sallis Benney Theatre | The legacy of Edward Johnston
  • Artur Frankowski

    Type Designer Fontarte | Poland

    Graphic designer, typographer, and type designer. Ph.D. from the Warsaw University of Technology on legibility of type on cartographic maps (2004). For the past decade full-time lecturer on typography and graphic design at the Warsaw University of Technology; also visiting lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and at other colleges in Poland. Artur has published articles on type and visual communication in Polish design & print magazines. He designed several typefaces — contemporary new designs as well as Polish avant-garde revivals. His typefaces include Grotesk Polski, a sans-serif companion to Poland’s eminent pre-WWII text face Antykwa Poltawskiego, as well as Julian, a typeface based on Wladyslaw Strzeminski’s lettering. In September 2004, with Magdalena Frankowska, he launched the Fontarte typography studio to design new typefaces and to promote the history of Polish typography through lectures and workshops. From June 2006 he is involved, together with another type designer – Henryk Sakwerda, in Silesian Type project, a design of a typeface Silesiana for the Polish province of Silesia. Artur Frankowski has been a member of ATypI since 1995, and spoke at the ATypI Helsinki 2005 conference. Since 2006, he is ATypI country delegate for Poland.... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 10:45 | Dance Studio Room 225 | Designing a regional typeface
  • Ken Garland

    Ken Garland completed his studies in graphic design at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, London, in the 1950s. He was Art Editor of Design magazine from 1956-62, when he left to establish his own graphic design studio as Ken Garland and Associates. Among his many clients were Galt Toys, Race Furniture, Barbour Index, The Butterley Group, William Heinemann, Paramount Pictures, Harper & Row, Otto Maier Verlag, The Science Museum, Cambridge University Press, The Ministry of Technology, Jonathan Cape, The Arts Council, the Royal Parks Agency and the Barbican Gallery.

    He has contributed many articles to design periodicals in the UK, US, Europe and Japan. His own publications include: First things first: a manifesto (Self-published, London, 1964); Graphics handbook (Studio Vista, London/Reinhold Publishing, New York, 1966); Illustrated graphics glossary (Barrie & Jenkins, London, 1980); Graphics, design and printing terms: an international dictionary (Lund Humphries, London/Design Press, New York, 1989); Mr Beck's Underground map (Capital Transport, Harrow Weald, 1994); A word in your eye (Department of Typography and Graphic Communication, University of Reading, 1996); Metaphors: a portfolio of text and image (Bradbourne Publishing, East Malling, 2001).

    In addition to fulfilling regular appointments as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Reading (1971-99), the Royal College of Art (1977-87), Central School of Art and Design (1986-91) and the National College of Art and Design, Dublin (1982-92), he has lectured widely in the UK, US (three lecture tours in 1995, 1997 and 2002), Canada, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Bangladesh. He was Visiting Professor in Information Design at the Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico from 1999-2003, and is currently Visiting Professor in Graphic Design at Brighton University, UK.

    TV appearances on design subjects include: Panorama, 1960; Tonight, 1964; The Visual Scene, 1969; Making Toys, 1975; Omnibus, 1976; Design classics, 1988; Tales from the Mapping Room, 1993; Underground - the Story of the Tube, 2000.

    Garland's photographic work has been seen in the following one-man exhibitions:
    Linescape, lithoscape, landscape (Reading, 1987); Ken Garland: A retrospective (Reading, Coventry and Sunderland, 1997); The singing (South Armagh and Donegal, 1999); Images of Ulster and other places (Northern Ireland, 2000); Metaphors, a port- folio of text and image (Brighton and Coventry, 2002, Hull, 2003, Glasgow and Portugal, 2004); The children of Bangladesh/The rickshas of Bangladesh (Coventry and Reading, 2006). ... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 09:30 | Sallis Benney Theatre | The word is on the street
  • Oleg Genisaretskiy

    | Russia

    Oleg Genisaretskiy’s main area of interest is the humanitarian strategies and practices; the methodology of visual design, and contemporary design culture; humanitarian psychotherapy and traditional psycho-practices; the Russian spiritual and creational tradition. At different times Genisaretsky served as the head of the Creative Club of the Section of Painting of the Moscow Union of Graphic Artists; the co-chairman of the Religious-Cultural Dialogue “Face-to-Face”; the president of the Russian Association of Visual Anthropology; the president of the Open Museum Association. He authored the monographs Dizayn i kultura [“Design and culture”], Moscow: vniite, 1974; Uprazhneniya suti dela [“Exercises in the matter of fact”], Moscow: Russkii Mir, 1993; Povody i nameki [“Pretexts and hints”], Moscow: Put’, 1993; O vozmozhnosti filosofii [“Of the possibility of philosophy”], in co-operation with David Zilberman, Moscow: Put’, 2005; Navigator: Methodologicheskie prodolzheniya i rashireniya [“The Navigator: Methodological continuations and extensions”], Moscow: Put’, 2005. Main essays and full bibliography can be found at www.prometa.ru.... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 09:10 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Helvetica
  • Fri 14 Sep | 18:45 | Sallis Benney Theatre | ATypI Auction
  • Fritz Grögel

    Freelancer | Germany

    Born in 1974 in Wassertrüdingen, Germany. Design Studies from 1998 to 2006 at Fachhochschule Potsdam, Germany, including studies abroad at École supérieure Estienne des Arts et Industries graphiques in Paris, France and at Escola superior de Desenho Industrial (ESDI) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Scholarships granted by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. Graduation at FH Potsdam passed with distinction in 2006. Lives and works in Berlin as a freelance designer and copywriter. ... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 17:00 | Dance Studio Room 225 | French Délice
  • George Hardie

    | UK

    Born UK 1944

    Hardie trained as a graphic designer at St Martin’s and the Royal College of Art in London.

    He has worked as a jobbing illustrator for thirty-seven years, commissioned to solve problems and make illustrations for a variety of clients in many countries (fourteen to date). His work primarily involves ideas, carefully composed and crafted into graphic art.

    George is International Secretary of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, a professor at the University of Brighton and a Royal Designer for Industry. In 2006 he was invited by AGDA to make a lecture tour of Australia and was a visiting professor at Nagoya University of Arts. ... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 16:15 | Seminar Room 202 | Typographic forms | Stencils and lettering guides | An illustrator's letters
  • Florian J Hardwig

    Graphic designer, typography teacher Kaune & Hardwig | Germany

    Florian Hardwig is a graphic designer based in Berlin, Germany, where he runs a studio together with Malte Kaune. Since 2007, he has been teaching Typography at Brunswick School of Art. Florian regularly contributes articles and typeface reviews to publications like MyFonts.de, Typographica or Typo. He can frequently be found on Typophile, where is one of the moderators of the Type ID Board. School scripts are Florian’s area of expertise. In his Manuscribe project, he researches the various handwriting models that are used for teaching children how to write. In 2008, he was awarded the Walter Tiemann Prize.... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 11:30 | Seminar Room 202 | On airlines, flame bows and speed loops
  • Michael Harvey

    Lettering Designer Fine Fonts | UK

    Working as an engineering draughtsman, Michael Harvey was inspired by Eric Gill’s Autobiography to become a letter carver. He visited Joseph Cribb, Gill’s first apprentice, in Ditchling, and in 1955 joined Reynolds Stone in Dorset to assist him in inscription carving.

    A career as a book jacket designer followed, also teaching, lecturing in Europe and the United States, and writing six books about the lettering arts. Continued to carve inscriptions, in 1990 he was commissioned to design and carve the great frieze of artists’ names and other inscriptions at the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery in London, working with American architect Robert Venturi.

    A growing interest in type design led Harvey to concentrate on this aspect of his work, resulting in typefaces for Monotype, Adobe, the Dutch Type Library, and Fine Fonts the partnership he established with Andy Benedek in 2001.

    From 1992 to 2004 Michael Harvey was a member of the Royal Mint Advisory Committee on the Design of Coins & Medals, and in 2001 received an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for Services to Art. He is a member of the Double Crown Club and the Wynkyn de Worde Society. Still living in Dorset, he works from his home studio in Bridport, where he pursues his other interests; cycling, photography and drawing. ... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 17:45 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Goodbye analogue, hello digital
  • Andy Haslam

    ... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 16:15 | Seminar Room 202 | Typographic forms | Stencils and lettering guides | An illustrator's letters
  • Luke Holland

    ... [More]

  • Thu 13 Sep | 18:45 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Looking for Mr Gill
  • Richard Hollis

    Graphic designer and writer | UK

    Richard Hollis is a graphic designer and writer. Has worked as printer, art editor, production manager, teacher and lecturer. Studied art and typography at the Chelsea, Wimbledon and Central Schools of Art, London. From 1958 taught lithography and design at London College of Printing and Chelsea School of Art, before working in Paris in the early 1960s. From 1964 to 1967 Head of the Graphic Design Department at the West of England College of Art, Bristol, and for six years Senior Lecturer at the Central School of Art and Design. Art editor New Society weekly, 1966-68. His writing has appeared in The Guardian, Eye, and Domus, and design work reproduced in Graphis, Novum Gebrauchsgraphik, Typographische Monatsblätter, etc. He has been the subject of interviews in the Journal of Design History and Eye. He designed and collaborated on John Berger's seminal Ways of Seeing (1972) and is the author of Graphic Design: A Concise History (Thames and Hudson, second edition 2002 and translated in five languages), and Swiss Graphic Design (Laurence King / Yale University Press, 2006) and as Schweizer Grafik (Birkhäuser). He was elected a Royal Designer for Industry on 2005.... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 13:15 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Writing & illuminating & lettering - & mechanisation
  • Xurxo Insua Pardo

    | Spain

    Xurxo Insua (1978) has a degree in Fine Art from the Universidade de Vigo, a master's degree in Graphic Arts from the Universitat Politècnica de València and postgraduate studies in Typography from Escola Eina, Barcelona. He has professionally worked as graphic designer for four years and is currently having PhD courses on Theory and History of Design at Universitat de Barcelona and on Anthropological Theory at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona.... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 16:15 | Dance Studio Room 225 | On the German origin of the sanserif
  • Pouya Jahanshahi

    Grad Student / Graphic Designer CalArts | United States

    Pouya Jahanshahi is currently studying towards his MFA in Graphic design and Integrated Media, while a Teachers Assistant position at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). His focus is currently fusion of Farsi forms and typography within a western context, as well other multi-lingual typographic issues. He received his M.A. in Graphic Design from California State University in 2004, where he explored the semiotics of imagery in his “ Anatomy of a visual message” project, while presenting his thesis research on “Title sequence design”.

    Mr. Jahanshahi previously taught as assistant professor of graphic design at Chapman University (Orange, California), as well as numerous colleges and universities such as The Art Institute, Platt College, University of California Irvine, Long Beach City College and California State University Fullerton, amongst others.

    While being the past AIGA - Orange County’s Educational Chair, Mr. Jahanshahi is also a member of IGDS (Iranian Graphic Design Society), staying active in issues involving design on both sides of the globe.

    In addition, Mr. Jahanshahi is the principal owner of Source One Design, acting as a freelance Art director.

    His past and present clients include National Semi Conductors (NSC), AquaTek Inc., Stanley Electric and Chanteh Interior Designs to name a few. While volunteering at local non-profit organization such as the Laguna The Laguna Greenbelt and MTO Printing, his hobbies and activities include Persian calligraphy, silkscreening and concrete poetry.

    ... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 14:00 | Dance Studio Room 225 | Fusion of East and West
  • Viktor Kharyk

    Font designer | Ukraine

    Viktor Kharyk, graphic designer, was born (1957) and study (Design school, 1976 and Print University, 1982) in Kiev.

    He creates and adapts Cyrillic, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Georgian, Armenian, Arabian, Devanagari and Glagolitic fonts.

    Viktor is a 3 time winner at the international competition TypeArt (Moscow, 2001) and a 2 time winner at the international competition TypeArt (Moscow, 2005).

    He has authored essays about theory and history of fonts and his works are licensed by MasterFont, Elsner+Flake, and ParaType.

    Viktor is also the ATypI country delegate for Ukraine.

    ... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 11:30 | Dance Studio Room 225 | Old Slavic alphabets and new fonts
  • Richard Kindersley

    Letterer Kindersley Studio | U.K.

    ... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 16:15 | Sallis Benney Theatre | National Armed Forces Memorial Staffordshire
  • Akira Kobayashi

    Type Director Linotype GmbH | Japan / Germany

    Studied at the Musashino Art University in Tokyo, and later followed this up with a calligraphy course at the London College of Printing. Since May 2001 Type Director at Linotype Library GmbH. Kobayashi has recently completed the Neue Frutige type family with close collaboration with the original designer Adrian Frutiger. Awards: Best of Category and Best of Show for the Clifford typeface in the 1998 U&lc magazine type design competition. 1st prize, text category for the Conrad typeface in Linotype Library's 3rd International Digital Type Design Contest. In the Type Directors Club's type design competitions of 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2007--for ITC Woodland, ITC Japanese Garden and ITC Silvermoon, FF Clifford, Linotype Conrad, and Palatino Sans respectively. ... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 17:00 | Dance Studio Room 225 | Sanserif types and their humanistic backgrounds
  • Eiichi Kono

    | U.K.

    Born in Japan, Eiichi began his working life in the photo optical industry in Tokyo with Carl Zeiss and American Optical, and became fascinated by the universality of the Latin alphabet. This brought him to UK in 1974 as a mature student (with the desperation from his mid career crisis) to learn typographic design at the London College of Printing, and on to the Royal College of Art linked with the Readability Print Research Unit led by Dr Herbert Spencer. His final year's research study was based on David Kindersley's (and Dr Neil Wiseman at Cambridge University Computer Centre) Optical Letter-Spacing System, considering the possibility of a new Japanese/Latin font design and typesetting system. Working at Banks & Miles graphic design company in London between 1979 and 1985, he redesigned Johnston Underground Sans for text setting as well as display use, now known as New Johnston; and carried out the feasibility study for space saving and legibility for BT telephone directory, proving that Matthew Carter's Bell Centennial was (still is) the best suited typeface for the purpose. He also taught typography at Middlesex Polytechnic between 1980 and 1988, and engaged in much graphic design consultant work; corporate identity, exhibitions, publishing design for The Economist, Pearson, Arts Council of Great Britain, Royal Academy of Art, British Medical Journal, WHSmith, Toyota, Montblanc, Broadgate Development, Monotype Corporation. His most recent work is as the team leader developing Japanese/Latin OpenType fonts with optimal on-screen legibility for Microsoft Windows Vista. He is currently a senior research fellow at University of Brighton, leading research into Edward Johnston's Legacy with Gerald Fleuss, Founder/Director of EJF, for CETLD (Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning through Design led by University of Brighton with Royal Institute of British Architects, Royal College of Art, and Victoria & Albert Museum).... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 13:15 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Sustainability and typography
  • Kevin Larson

    Researcher Microsoft Advanced Reading Technologies | USA

    Kevin Larson received his PhD in cognitive psychology in 2000 from the University of Texas at Austin. His passion is understanding the impact of typography on the reading experience and applying that understanding towards improving on-screen reading. People have literally been shocked during some of his recent presentations.... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 14:00 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Better than a poke in the eye
  • David Lemon

    Sr Manager, Type Development Adobe Systems, Inc. | USA

    David Lemon was a painting student who fell in love with letters, and switched to graphic design. After eight years in the publishing industry, he joined Adobe Systems in 1986, hoping to design typefaces. He did design a couple, and helped produce thousands of fonts, but ended up managing the Adobe type department. David tries to keep a fruitful dialog going between the worlds of technology and design.... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 14:15 | Seminar Room 202 | Back to nature
  • Alessio Leonardi

    President BuyMyFonts.com | Germany

    Alessio Leonardi is an italian Type and Graphic Designer who lives since 1990 in Berlin, Germany. He worked at MetaDesign with Erik Spiekermann and then was (till 2005) one of the two owners of the Design Studio Leonardi.Wollein in Berlin. Today he and his wife Imme Leonardi run the Studio Lion&Bee.

    About the typographical side of his work: starting from 1992 many of his typefaces are published by the FontShop International and Linotype Library. He was co-founder of the fontlabels Face2Face (with Alexander Branczyk, a.o.) and Fontology (with Fabrizio Schiavi). Since 2001 he is the country delegate for Italy at the ATypI. In 2002 he founded the Company BuyMyFonts.com that produces typefaces for corporate applications and also for standard use.

    Alessio Leonardi writes articles for type and design magazines worldwide and gives lectures at international conferences. In 2004 he published his book From the Cow to the Typewriter: the (true) History of Writing.

    ... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 11:30 | Dance Studio Room 225 | A line of type
  • Edna Lucia Cunha Lima

    PUC-Rio | Brazil

    Graduate in Graphic Design and Master in Design by Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro - PUC-Rio, has a Doctor Degree from the School of Communication of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro- ECO/UFRJ. She engaged in higher education as a lecturer in 1979, at the Federal University of Pernambuco. Her articles on design have been published in Brazil and abroad. She wrote about graphic language, printed ephemera, history of typography and commercial lithography. She works as a Graphic Designer since 1970, and in Brazil she was one of the first to work with infographics. Since 1996 she has been an Associated Professor at PUC-Rio, and after 2007 a researcher for the National Library of Rio de Janeiro.... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 13:15 | Seminar Room 202 | Nineteenth century type founders in Rio de Janeiro
  • Oliver Linke

    Type Designer Lazydogs Typefoundry | Germany

    Oliver Linke (*1971) studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany and the University of Missouri, Kansas City (1993–98). He continued his studies in art history, art education and philosophy (2000-05) at the University of Augsburg. Today his work focuses on book- and type design. He teaches Typography and Type Design at the Designschule München and the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach.... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 10:45 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Masterpieces of Johann Neudörffer the Elder (1497-1563)
  • Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley

    The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop | UK

    ... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 16:15 | Sallis Benney Theatre | The kindest cut of all – the Kindersley Workshop
  • Tanja Madved

    MA student University of Ljubjiana | Slovenia

    Tanja Medved graduated in 2006, currently is working towards a MA in typography at University of Ljubljana.... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 11:30 | Seminar Room 202 | Typeface Praetoria: from v-cut to digital media
  • Thomas Maier

    Assistant Lecturer University for Art and Industrial Design | Austria

    Thomas Maier assistant lecturer, student University for Art and Industrial Design Linz, Austria

    Thomas Maier, born 1973, Graz, Austria was educated at Graphicdesigner, 1987-1992, and a Master Class for Painting 1992-1994. He studied Experimental Visual Design at the University of Art and Industrial Design ,1994-2003, Diploma in photographic film techniques. Since 2003, thesis on the development of typeface technologies

    Works as a graphic designer since 1993, including catalogues for artists’ exhibitions, design of some typefaces for exclusive use in design jobs. ... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 16:15 | Seminar Room 202 | Typographic forms | Stencils and lettering guides | An illustrator's letters
  • George D. Matthiopoulos

    Type Designer Greek Font Society | Greece

    George D. Matthiopoulos teaches Type design and Typography at the School of Graphic Arts of the Technical Institute of Athens. He also works as type designer for the Greek Font Society, and as freelance typographer specialising in book design, corporate identity, and typographic communication for museum exhibitions. He has written the text book of the course Type History and Design for the Greek Open University (2002), he has translated Victor Scholderer’s, Greek Printing Types: 1465-1927 (Typophilia, 1995) and Robert Bringhurst’s, The Elements of Typographic Style (Crete University Press, 2001).... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 10:45 | Seminar Room 202 | Touching shadows of the past
  • Sarah K McCoy

    Assistant Professor Drake University | United States

    ... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 14:00 | Seminar Room 202 | Typographic form and the 'permanence' of letterpress type
  • Yaki Molcho

    Department of Graphic Design Shenkar College of Engineering and Design | Israel

    Yaki Molcho was born in Israel in 1945. He graduated from the Graphic Design department in Bezalel - Academy of Art And Design in Jerusalem in 1971. From 1972 he worked as freelance graphic designer and art director with major advertising agencies, magazines and daily newspapers in Israel; he has also designed numerous books, record sleeves, catalogues and exhibitions. During the years 1985-1992 he co-designed the typographic design of the Valley of the Communities site in Yad Vashem, the National Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem.

    In 1979, Yaki became Head of the Graphic Design department at the Tel Aviv extension of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, and in 1987 he co-founded Vital – The Tel Aviv Center for Design Studies, and was the Head of its Graphic Design department. He is also the co-Founder of the Festivital annual international design festival.

    In 1994, Yaki founded the Rutyaki designer shop with wife Ruthy, with whom he also designed sculptures and playground facilities for the Hertzel Garden in Holon and Ulrich Garden in Jerusalem. Since 2000, he has been senior lecturer at the Department of Graphic Design in Shenkar - College of Engineering and Design. ... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 17:00 | Sallis Benney Theatre | The typographic design of the Valley of the Communities in Jerusalem
  • James Mosley

    Visiting Professor Department of Typography and Graphic Communication, University of Reading | UK

    James Mosley is Visiting Professor in the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading. Until 2000 he was librarian of the St Bride Library, London. He writes and lectures on the history of type and letterforms and teaches courses on these subjects at Reading, Lyon, and Charlottesville (Virginia). Among his recent writings are studies of the Italian 16th-century calligrapher Giovan Francesco Cresci, the origins in England of the modern sans serif letter, and notes to a facsimile edition of the Manuel typographique (1764–6) of Fournier le jeune.... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 13:15 | Sallis Benney Theatre | English vernacular revisited
  • Klementina Mozina

    Assistant Professor University of Ljubljana | Slovenia

    Klementina Mozina received her PhD in 2001 from Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana). She now is an assistant professor at University of Ljubljana, Chair of Information and Graphic Arts Technology. Her research is related to history and usability of typography.... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 11:30 | Seminar Room 202 | Typeface Praetoria: from v-cut to digital media
  • Caglar Okur

    Research assistant Anadolu University | Turkey

    Caglar Okur was born in 1976, in Turkey. He received his BFA Degree in 2000, from Bilkent University Graphic Department and his MFA degree from Eskisehir Anadolu University Graphic Department in 2003. His thesis is titled “The Effects of Experimental Typography on Visual Communication.” He continues his PhD and works as a research assistant at Anadolu University in the Graphic Design Department. Several of his works have been exhibited in international poster biennials and triennials such as The First International Korean Poster Biennial 2002, Ekoplagat Poster Triennial 2005 and 2006, Triennial of Eco Posters and Graphics Art, and "The 4th Block," Kharkov, Ukraine, 2006. He receıved an honorable mention from the 2nd F.I.S.A.E. International CGD Ex-libris Contest.... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 10:45 | Seminar Room 202 | Typographic examination of Ottoman and contemporary Turkish tombstones
  • Yves Peters

    | Belgium

    Yves Peters is a [typo]graphic designer, writer about type, rock drummer and father of three. After a three-year stint as type expert/technical advisor at the Belgian FontShop franchise, he was hired by communication agency Making Magazines, now Magelaan.

    Yves joined the Typophile community in 2002, where he currently is head moderator of the Type Identification Board. Besides reviewing typefaces for David John Earls’ Typographer.org, Yves edits Unzipped – his blog for FontShop Benelux – and makes occasional contributions to Typographica and The FontFeed. Together with Stephen Coles, he is responsible for cross-referencing the current edition of FontBook.

    His talent for being able to identify most typefaces on sight is utterly useless in daily life.... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 10:45 | Seminar Room 202 | Oversampled
  • Thomas Phinney

    | USA

    Thomas Phinney is senior product manager for font solutions at Extensis. From 1997-2008 he worked in type at Adobe, lastly as product manager for fonts and global typography. Thomas is involved in the design, technical, forensic, business and historical aspects of type, treasurer of ATypI, and writes for Communication Arts and CreativePro.com as well as thomasphinney.com. He has testified in court as an expert witness, and was twice quoted in the Washington Post regarding the presumably forged National Guard memos concerning US President Bush. Thomas has an MS in printing from RIT, and an MBA from UC Berkeley. His typeface Hypatia Sans is an Adobe Original... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 10:45 | Dance Studio Room 225 | Adobe Originals: an Adobe 25 celebration
  • Albert-Jan Pool

    Type designer, Typographer Dutch Design | Germany

    Albert-Jan Pool was born July 9th, 1960 in Amsterdam. He studied in The Hague at the Royal Academy of Arts. Initiated by professor Gerrit Noordzij the Academy had become an incubator of type design. Albert-Jan was one of the co-founders of Letters], a group of young Dutch type designers. Many of its members (Frank Blokland / Dutch Type Library, Petr van Blokland, Jelle Bosma, Luc(as) de Groot, Bart de Haas, Henk van Leyden, Peter-Matthias Noordzij / The Enschede Font Foundry and Marie-Cecile Noordzij-Pulles and Just van Rossum and Peter Verheul) have become well-known type-designers. After his study he left for Hamburg, Germany. From 1987 to 1991 he was Type Director at Scangraphic in Germany. And from 1991 to 1994 he was the manager of Type Design and Production at URW in Hamburg. During this time he completed his type families URW Imperial, URW Linear and URW Mauritius. By January 1995 he started his own studio Dutch Design in Hamburg. FF DIN and FF OCR-F were among his first projects. He had been teaching typedesign at the Muthesius Hochschule in Kiel from 1995 to 1998 (as well as typography at the Hamburg Academy for Marketing and Media). Together with type-consultant Stefan Rugener of AdFinder GmbH and copywriter Ursula Packhauser he wrote and designed a both useful and provocative book on the effects of type on brand image entitled 'Branding with Type', which has been published by Adobe Press. Next to Dutch Design he co-founded FarbTon Konzept + Design. The new company was founded in 1999 with Jorn Iken, and Klaus-Peter-Staudinger, as well as with Birgit Hartmann who is also the mother of their daughter Pia-Elina (born 1999). He created several corporate typefaces such as Jet Set Sans together with Syndicate Brand & Corporate for Jet / Conoco in 1997, C&A InfoType together with Factor Design for C&A in 1998, DTL HEIN GAS for HEIN GAS Hamburger Gaswerke in 1999 and Regenbogen Bold for Regenbogen, a political party in Germany in 2001. His research on the history of the DIN typefaces has been published in TYPO magazine (http://www.magtypo.cz) and in the online-magazine Encore (http://magwerk.com). As from january 2006 he is concentrating on Dutch Design again. He has extended the FF DIN family with Easteuropean character sets, which have recently been included as OpenType Pro fonts together with the Cyrillics designed by ParaType. 2005 Albert-Jan Pool left farbTon and took up teaching at the Muthesius Hochschule and the Hanseatische Akademie again. Currently he is working on new variations of FF DIN such as FF DIN Round, Stencil, Mono and Extended.... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 14:15 | Seminar Room 202 | DIN 16
  • Sat 15 Sep | 16:15 | Dance Studio Room 225 | DIN 1451
  • Jean François Porchez

    Type Designer Typofonderie | France

    After training as a graphic designer, during which he focused on type design, Jean François Porchez (born 1964) worked as a type director at Dragon Rouge. By 1994, he had created the new typeface for Le Monde newspapers. Founder of Typofonderie, his expertise enables him to propose bespoke typefaces for the Baltimore Sun, Beyoncé Knowles, Costa Crocieres, France Télécom, Louis Vuitton, Peugeot, RATP (Public Transport in Paris). His retail typefaces are distributed through typofonderie.com. He is honorary President of the Association Typographique Internationale (was ATypI President in 2004–2007). Founded the french community Le Typographe in 2003. Introduced to French Who’s who in 2009. He taught type design at the MA typefaces design at the Reading University (United Kingdom) and at Ensad and conduct regularly type design workshops all over the world. He also contributes regularly to conferences and international publications. He published Lettres Françaises, a book (in French & English) that shows all contemporary French, digital typefaces. For the Linotype Library Platinum collection, he has created a revival of the Sabon, a Jan Tschichold revival of Garamond in 2002. In late 2001 he was the President of a jury set up by the Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale to select the new handwriting model and system for France and was a jury member of the 3rd Linotype Type design Contest (Germany, 1999), of the of the 1st Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications (Slovenia, 2003) of the Typeface design competition TDC2 (United States, 2005). He was awarded the Prix Charles Peignot in 1998. FF Angie (1990) & Apolline (1993) were prize-winning entries in the Morisawa typeface competition. Costa received a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design at the TDC2 2000. Ambroise, Anisette, Anisette Petite, Charente, Le Monde Journal, & Le Monde Courrier were all prize-winning entries in the Bukva:raz international competition (2001). Deréon and Mencken won a Creative Review Type Awards (2006). Parisine Office won a star at the Observeur du design 07. Vuitton Persona selected by the Club des directeurs artistiques for their annual “Palmarès” 2009. Retiro received a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design at the TDC2 2010 and won the Prix 2009 of the Club des directeurs artistiques, design category.... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 09:00 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Welcome
  • Sun 16 Sep | 09:15 | Sallis Benney Theatre | ATypI Annual General Meeting
  • Ole Schaefer

    Typedesigner and CEO primetype GmbH | Germany

    Ole Schaefer was born in Guetersloh, Germany in 1970. He is a type designer specializing in corporate design, logo design and typeface systems as well as typography and type design consultancy.

    In 1995 he went to work as a type designer/director of typedesign & typography for renowned design firm MetaDesign in Berlin. He became a freelance designer in 1999 and also teaches digital typedesign at Berlin's designakademie. In 2002 he founded his own typedesign company primetype GmbH in Berlin.

    He gives lectures in typedesign, typography and editorial design.

    In 2006/07 he is teacher (Prof.) in typography at university Hildesheim.

    Schaefer has draw typefaces like: FF Fago, FF Info, FF Zine, PTL Notes, PTL Manual and many more. He has drawn a lot custom typefaces for clients like: Audi, Glasgow 1999, WDR Television, The Economist, New Scientist, Duesseldorf Airport and more. ... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 14:15 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Bringing typefaces to life
  • Juliet Shen

    Shen Design | United States

    Master of Arts, Typeface Design, University of Reading

    1989–present. Principal, Shen Design, Seattle, WA.

    18 years; currently typography instructor, School of Visual Concepts, Seattle

    Recent projects
    2009 Lushootseed School and Lushootseed Sulad fonts for the Tulalip Tribes, Washington state
    2007 Earlybird type family for Oxford University Press educational division
    2007 Resurrection of a Reliance, article on refurbishment of a 19th century iron handpress for school use

    2009 Hamilton Museum of Wood Type & Printing-Lushootseed 2009 ATypI-Lushootseed, the language of the people 2009 TypeCon Education Forum-assignment presentation 2008 TypeCon—The Initial Teaching Alphabet: How a calligrapher, a crusader and a corporation influenced the design of an alphabet for teaching children to read.
    2007 TypeCon and ATypI—Searching for Morris Fuller Benton: Discovering the designer through his typefaces

    ... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 17:00 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Searching for Morris Fuller Benton
  • Humphrey Stone

    Born in 1942, son of Reynolds Stone. Typographic designer. Trained at the OUP, and a year sitting at feet of Giovanni Mardesteig in Verona. Worked at Chatto & Windus and Weidenfeld & Nicolson, before being assistant designer under P.J. Conkwright at Princeton University Press, USA. Then he became art director for Stanford University Press, California and later the Compton Press, Wiltshire. Freelance since 1979. Among the many books he has designed is the three volume Robert & Lisa Sainsbury Collection. His wife, Solveig, runs Compton Marbling and they live on the Wiltshire/Dorset border, surrounded by his bantams, ducks and Dorset sheep.... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 15:00 | Sallis Benney Theatre | Reynolds Stone – a life in graven letters
  • Sumner Stone

    Founder Stone Type Foundry Inc | USA

    Sumner Stone is founder and sole proprietor of Stone Type Foundry, www.stonetypefoundry.com. His type designs include the recent linear designs Magma, Munc, and ITC Stone Humanist Sans. He is also an author and has taught typography and calligraphy at various institutions.... [More]

  • Fri 14 Sep | 14:15 | Dance Studio Room 225 | The foundation of the humanistic sans serif
  • Keith Chi-hang Tam

    Assistant Professor School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Hong Kong

    Keith Tam is a typographer, type designer and design educator with a multicultural perspective. Keith is currently Assistant Professor and Visual Communication Discipline Leader at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Keith’s pedagogy and research focus on typography, with particular interest in text typography, typographic structures, complex information and bilingual issues. In 2005, Keith co-founded Type Initiative, a type foundry and design collective, and is the designer of Arrival, a legible typeface for directional signing. Keith is a graduate of the Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver, Canada and the MA Typeface Design course at the University of Reading, UK. ... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 13:15 | Dance Studio Room 225 | Typographic bilingualism: a framework for the co-existence of Chinese and English texts
  • Michele Wong Kung Fong

    Graduate student in design North Carolina State University | United States

    Undergraduate education in Visual Communication Design at the University of Dayton, Ohio. Currently a graduate student in design at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC ... [More]

  • Sat 15 Sep | 16:15 | Seminar Room 202 | Typography, access and education
  • Masayuki Yamamoto

    Associate Professor Tama Art University | Japan

    Masayuki Yamamoto graduated in visual communication design from University of Tsukuba before studying typography at the University of Reading. He is now teaching Typography and Visual Communication design as an Associate Professor at the Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan.... [More]

  • Sun 16 Sep | 10:45 | Dance Studio Room 225 | Measuring harmony of type mixture