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The programme

New! The brochures with the main conference program and the TypeTech forum program details are available for download in PDF format.

Starting in the afternoon of Thursday 28 September, this year's ATypI conference offers three full days of talks, seminars, events and games, winding up in the early evening of Sunday 1 October.

But the fun starts earlier: Wednesday and Thursday 27/28 September feature our popular (extra cost) TypeTech specialist workshops and tutorials for type designers and developers.

That's five full days of type, typography and typographic design: serious immersion therapy!

Main programme

Less is more! This year's ATypI features fewer speakers, spread out over slightly longer, with just two simultaneous tracks. After a welcome and opening session early on Thursday evening, there are three solid days of presentation, using all of Sunday for valuable content (note to regular attendees: don't book a flight home early on Sunday evening this time, or you'll be missing out).

Here's an overview of the schedule (still subject to change as we try to fit everything in):

Details are taking shape: the detailed schedule is now available and will gain detail over the coming weeks.

Other events

In addition, other events are planned, including the TypeTech Forum, a Welcome Reception, a Brazilian Type Forum, the ATypI Auction, the Gala Dinner, and more!