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Going over and underground in Berlin

Verena Gerlach

Saturday 30 September | 10:00 – 10:45
Location: Track 1

Presentation | Theme: | Duration: 45 minutes

Due to its unusual political situation during the previous century, Berlin still is a very unique capital. It is marked by change and images emerge and disappear at a stunning pace. Berlin constantly fascinates Verena, especially the many traces of typographic history on façades and in the streets, each of which still has a story to tell about Berlin’s past, in particular the cold war period. Most of Verena’s fonts are inspired by Berlin. FF City Street Type (2000), a family of fonts designed in collaboration with Ole Schäfer, is based upon the distinctively different, and nearly entirely vanished, street signage systems of West and East Berlin. The audience will enjoy a visual trip around the city throughout the last century to see the typographic traces, some of which have already been displaced. Starting at the turn of the previous century, this typographical guided tour will lead us through the ‘golden twenties’ of the interwar years, the dark eighties of insular West Berlin, the graphic curiosities of the GDR’s ‘economy of scarcity’ and up to the present of post-reunion times. Please note that no TV-tower images will be shown. I promise.

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Verena Gerlach graphic and type designer fraugerlach | Germany

Verena Gerlach was born in Berlin and studied Visual Communication at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee. Shortly after finishing art school in 1998, she founded her own studio (fraugerlach) for graphic design, type design and typography. Beside all kind of typographic print works and typedesign, Verena also artdirected several video clips and worked on the typographic production for international contemporary artists. Verena has lectured in type design and typography at designakademie berlin from 2003– 2009 and gives lectures and workshops about type- and graphic design all over the globe. She also works as a freelance book designer for the German publisher Hatje Cantz.

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