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Lisbon registration

Conference registration

Pricing (all in US dollars) for the conference is as follows:

  ATypI Members Non-Members Students Special rate1
Before 15 July 2006 US$475 US$575 US$175 US$175
15 July–14 August 2006 US$515 US$615 US$185 US$185
After 14 August 2006 US$615 US$715 US$220 US$220

Conference registration includes lunches but not accommodation.

1 'Special rate' is available to delegates who live in one of countries which are eligible for ATypI Associate Membership.

Partner registration

Partner registration includes admission to the conference non-business sessions. Partners are defined as spouses, family members or significant others who are not involved in the type or design business and are accompanying a regular attendee.

Partner registration costs $200.00

TypeTech Forum

The cost for the two-day TypeTech Forum is

  With conference registration Without conference registration
Before 15 July 2006 US$75 US$160
After 15 July–14 August 2006 US$100 US$200
After 14 August 2006 US$150 US$250

Online registration now open

Online conference registration is now open through the ATypI Store.

Changing or cancelling your registration

See the registration small print.