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Programme & speakers

On the edge

This is type on the northern edge of Europe and the edge of the Baltic Sea; type of the Nordic and Baltic cultures and languages. This is type on the forward edge of technology: type on television screens; type embedded in telephones; type circling around the world. This is type on the edge of a global culture: type as a medium of change and also of preservation; type as a carrier of cultures. And this is type on the edge of design: type as form and content; type as an idea, and type as an activity.

Main programme

The main conference programme includes over 40 presentations, workshops and demonstrations that will be delivered by more than 50 speakers in four programme tracks. Complementing the planned programme is No booking required, a free-form platform for short presentations where no booking is required. The main conference programme is hosted at the Media Centre Lume. The conference programme has been developed by the Programme committee.

Other events

In addition, other events are planned, including the TypeTech Forum, the Welcome Reception, the ATypI Auction, the Gala Dinner, and more!

Not convinced?

And if you haven’t made up your mind yet, read our 10 reasons to visit ATypI Helsinki 2005!