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Starts at 12:00, 15 September 2005,
at Lume Media Centre, Helsinki

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All this, and anarchy too Complementing the main programme below is a special track for short presentations, planned or impromptu, hosted by Erik Spiekermann and running throughout Friday and Saturday. No booking required is just what it says.

Thursday 15 September

18:00 Paula Kokkonen
Mayor's welcome reception

Friday 16 September

09:00 Jean François Porchez
Conference opening
09:30 Aaron Marcus
Type issues for the twenty-first century
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Kai Matti Rentola
Letters of Helsinki
Mark  Geard
From symbol to living form
Andreu  Balius
11:30 Alessio Leonardi
From the cow to the typewriter
Örjan Nordling
Berling Nova
Artur Frankowski
Type on maps
12:15 Lunch Break
FFifteen/FontFont exhibition opening
Meta Newhouse
Experimental typography and found objects workshop
13:15 Peter Bilak
About everything
Danielle Aubert
Money is a design object
Adrian Englert
Ancient cyrillic, do it or don't do it!
14:00 Mark Barratt
No room! No room!
Barry Roseman
Type on the edge of design
, S. Díaz
Typeface is a weapon
14:45 Coffee Break Simone Wolf
Press Conference
15:15 K. Barber, T. Leming
Lettering, typography or somewhere in between
M. A. Bolger, C. Bell
Typographic tales from the edge of empire
S. Walker, P. Luna, K. Gillieson, N. Robson
Children and typography
16:00 Geraldine Wade
Font design with an edge
Yves Peters
Corporate Type on the edge of legitimacy
S. Walker, P. Luna, K. Gillieson, N. Robson
Children and typography
16:45 Joonas Luotonen
Using Maxdox for designing multimedia for mobile phones
Jorma Hinkka
Translating typography
S. Walker, P. Luna, K. Gillieson, N. Robson
Children and typography
17:30 Coffee Break and Auction review
18:00 Erik Spiekermann

Saturday 17 September

00:00 Lunch break (cont)
08:45 Patrick Giasson
The typographic inception of the Cherokee syllabary
O. Ezer, Y. Hofshi
Contemporary hebrew typography as an expression of a new identity
Nadezda Pavlova
Handwriting and Type
09:30 Johannes Küster
Those mathematical characters
L. Nijs, F. de Bleser, T. de Smedt
Workshops on the edge

Ukrainian fonts
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Ulla Aartomaa
The Finnish design posters
Gustavo Ferreira
Christina Schultz
Pic(ture) Lig(ature)s
11:30 Sumner Stone
Janus and the phoenix
Carolyn Puzzovio
Mesrob & Yacob
Lode  Coen
Blurring the edge
12:15 Lunch Break Tomi Haaparanta
Helsinki font marathon 2005
Matthew Carter: Typographically speaking exhibition
Lunch break
13:15 Kevin Larson
Measuring the aesthetics of typography
S. Helsinki, A. Rõhu
Kuollut is dead (Followed by Mart Anderson)
E. Baranseli, . Torun
Alphabetical revolution and the effect of Turkish typographic design
14:00 Jarno Lukkarila
Language, typography, type design
S. Havu, A. Rõhu
Treasures (Following Mart Anderson)
Kamal Mansour
Nastaliq style through open type
14:45 Coffee Break
TDC prize award ceremony
15:15 K. Hughes, D. Shmerler
Typographical Play
Gerry Leonidas
Typographic Education Forum
Hugo Puttaert
Get integrated!
16:00 Thomas Phinney
PostScript type 1 goes over the Edge
Gerry Leonidas
Typographic Education Forum
Ivar Sakk
Estonian style: Russian or German?
16:45 Margaret Re
Matthew Carter's typefaces
17:30 Break

Sunday 18 September

09:30 Juhani Lehtiranta
A Wild Play With Diacritics
Andreas Stötzner
On the edges of the alphabet
Hugo Cavalheiro d'Alte
On the edge of legibility
10:15 Coffee Break
10:45 Jean François Porchez
Fonts don't come from nothing
Catherine Griffiths
I live at the edge of the universe like everybody else
Masayuki Yamamoto
Harmony of type mixture in Japanese typography
11:30 Adi Stern
Luciano Perondi
How does the irregularity of letters affect reading?
Adam Twardoch
Start Photofont with Photofont Start
12:15 Yuri Yarmola
FontLab Studio 5 for Mac OS X
Alan Záruba
Making democracy visible
13:00 Lunch Break
14:30 Jean François Porchez
ATypI General Member Assembly