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Translating typography

Multilingual problems (possibilities) in graphic design

Jorma Hinkka

Friday 16 September | 16:45 – 17:05
Location: Room 2

Presentation | Theme: North | Duration: 20 minutes

Finland is mainly a bilingual country since Finnish and Swedish are official languages and all governmental publications, and most advertisements, are published in both languages. Worldwide, Finnish speakers number around five million people and all publications intended for international readers must contain text other languages, usually English. Quite often these kinds of publications can be tri-lingual or more. This is a big challenge for graphic designers who have to master typographical practices for many different languages where typographical details differ enormously.

Speaker details

Jorma Hinkka Graphic Designer Graafiset Neliot Oy | Finland

Jorma Hinkka entered the advertising business as a messenger boy at age seventeen. Three years later he started his studies at the Department of Graphic Arts at the School of Industrial Arts. After his studies Hinkka spent 30 years in advertising, finally as a partner in an agency specialized on business-to-business advertising. Thirteen years ago he started his own graphic design studio, Graafiset Neliöt where he specializes in design for art and photography books. Hinkka is a columnist for the magazine Grafia, a quarterly published by the Finnish organization for graphic design. Grafia nominated him as Graphic Designer of the Year in 1997.

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