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Other events

Welcome reception

Thursday 15 September, 18:00
Details here.


Several exhibitions are planned, both associated with ATypI Helsinki, and happening at the same time.

ATypI Auction

Friday 16 September 18:00

The ATypI Auction is an annual event, where friends of ATypI empty out their shelves and drawers of wonderful things that other ATypI attendees would love to own – and they can, if they bid high enough!


Friday 16 September, from 21:00
Location: KIPSARI, Hämeentie 135 E (the café in the basement of the University for Arts and Design UIAH / TAIK).


Throughout the conference the Linotype Lounge will be providing relaxation and gentle surprises for delegates. At Lume.

The best typography bookshop in the world?

Now a regular feature at least of European ATypI conferences, it is almost impossible to leave the Nijhof + Lee bookshop without spending money and wishing you could afford or carry more (though they are nice people and will happily mail books back to you if you don't want to carry them home).

Nijhof & Lee are internationally orientated booksellers specializing in typography, graphic and industrial design, and the visual arts. We stock both new and antiquarian books in these fields and we maintain an active website selling books over the whole world. Started in 1989 we now have two shops based in the historical center of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and we have been actively involved with the ATypI conferences since 1996 when the conference was held in the Hague. We have been the conference bookstore 5 times before having also been in Lyon, Copenhagen, Rome and last year in Prague. Our conference bookstore shall stock a comprehensive collection of new and antiquarian books in various languages on typography, graphic design, communication and book history.

Gala Dinner

Saturday 17 September 19:00
Location: Ravintola Loiste

The Gala Dinner is ATypI’s traditional evening event. There will be an opening reception, then dinner and music. For the first time, the gala dinner is included in the conference registration fee. This is an $85 value: we want all delgates to be able to enjoy the key social event of the conference.