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Mark Geard

Programme Leader Massey University | New Zaeland

Mark Geard is a New Zealander who has worked for the major part of his life as a graphic designer. He was co-partner in one of his country’s leading design firms Missen and Geard Ltd. In 1998 he took up a position at Massey University where he is now Programme Leader in the Visual Communication Design Department. His specialist area is typography and typeface design.

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From symbol to living form
The typographic glyph as image of life and death processes

Friday 16 September | 10:45 – 11:30
Location: Room 2
Presentation | Theme: North | Duration: 45 minutes

Graphic Design is a socially focused activity yet its histories and narratives have principally centred on design practice and process and their relationships to both craft and technology. An audience beyond the profession seems marginalized within these discussions. This paper argues that audience experience is impacted by two universal gestures that appear as sub–narratives within visible language and design strategies. The investigation examines the field of typography and typeface design and references architectural practice and Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s Metamorphosis of Plants. Two typeface designs from the writer form an applied research component of this investigation.

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