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Mark Barratt

Text Matters | United Kingdom

Mark Barratt is an information designer and founding partner of Text Matters, a UK consultancy specialising in 'difficult' typography for printed information products such as forms and in web-based systems which enable discussion, collaborative work and intelligent interaction.

Presentation details

No room! No room!
Typography in ridiculously small spaces

Friday 16 September | 14:00 – 14:45
Location: Main hall
Presentation | Theme: Perception | Duration: 45 minutes

On the edge of legibility the rules change. This talk looks at the problems of presenting and articulating information in very small spaces: typically in contract terms, listing entries, dictionaries, application forms and 'legal' information. By illustrating the real-world problems facing the typographic designer and the characteristics of existing fonts designed for legibility at small sizes, this talk will stimulate both type designers and typographers. The talk focuses on print but will also discuss the lessons of recent work in screen-based typography.

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