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Organising committee

As always, the ATypI conference is being organised by an eclectic, enthusiastic group of designers, type designers, typographers and design academics from around the world, with a strong representation from a local group. They are supported by local art schools Lahti and UIAH and by ATypI's experienced management team and Board.

Lead team

Kai Rentola, Committee Chairman
University of Art and Design (UIAH)

Kai Rentola was born in Turku, Finland in 1955 and grew up in the west coast city of Vaasa. He has been a regular lecturer at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki since 1996. He has mainly focused on teaching lettering and basics of typography at both the BA and MA levels. He also arranged the first digital font design courses in UIAH in 1994–1995. Rentola has produced several exhibitions about typographic design with his students; in the Design Museum in Helsinki there was an exhibition of the first Finnish font scene ‘Hyvät Tyypit’ in 1997. Last year he organized an exhibition called ‘Context’ in Helsinki University Library. His own work has been exhibited widely including in Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, USA and Canada. In recent years Rentola has practiced his own graphic design work by doing logotypes and graphic identities in Finland, where he has a small studio on Harakka Island just off the Helsinki coastline.

Tomi Haaparanta
Suomi Type Foundry

Tomi Haaparanta (born 1967) is a type designer and typographer. He started his own foundry, the Suomi Type Foundry in early 2004. He got smitten with type design while studying in college in Ireland during the end of the 1980s, when Phil Baines held a workshop there, and has been working with type ever since. He has been working in a number of advertising and design companies before starting his own foundry, and now Finland is littered with typefaces and logos by Tomi Haaparanta. His fonts are distributed by most major type foundries (ITC, Linotype, Monotype, T[26]), and he is currently building his own type library on the web, and hoping to get it on line by the end of 2004.

Jarno Lukkarila
Format Design

Jarno Lukkarila (born 1978) works widely in graphic design. As the author of the typography reference book Tekstuuri (2001) he is one of the few writing about the subject in the Finnish language. He runs a typography-oriented design studio called Format in Helsinki and lectures part time on typography in Finnish design schools. Lukkarila was recognized as a type designer in the Morisawa Awards 2002, where his Xtra Sans typeface received the bronze prize in the Latin category. Lukkarila studied type design at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, in the postgraduate course Type & Media highlighted by the writing and letter design workshop of Gerrit Noordzij in 2000. Before this he graduated as graphic designer in Finland.

Supporting Team

Sami Kortemäki

Sami Kortemäki (born 1975) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. He studied graphic design at the Institute of Design in Lahti, Finland and at the Royal Academy for Fine and Applied Arts in The Hague, Netherlands. In 1999, together with Akiem Helmling and Bas Jacobs he founded Underware, a graphic design studio which specializes in designing and producing typefaces. These are often conventional in terms of legibility – yet functional, having concepts that seek for new visual, typographic and linguistic possibilities. These typefaces are published for retail sale or are custom designed. Underware’s retail typefaces include Auto, Dolly and Sauna. Underware studios are based in the Netherlands and Finland. Underware also holds typographic workshops in various locations which can be followed online. The Typeworkshop website has a section called “type basics,” which shows practical visual examples to get started on designing one’s own font. Every now and then Underware makes worldwide internet-broadcasts about type-girls & guys at their own radio channel, Typeradio (

Jorma Hinkka
Graafiset Neliöt Oy

Jorma Hinkka (born 12 January 12 1943 in Helsinki, Finland) entered the advertising business as a messenger boy at age seventeen. Three years later he started his studies at the Department of Graphic Arts at the School of Industrial Arts (later the University of Art and Design in Helsinki). After his studies Hinkka spent 30 years in advertising, finally as a partner in an agency specialized on business-to-business advertising. Thirteen years ago he jumped out, and started his own graphic design studio, Graafiset Neliöt. He now specializes mainly on design for art and photo books. Hinkka has written and lectured on typography, his special interest, and two years ago visited briefly as a professor at the University of Art and Design. Hinkka is a columnist for the magazine Grafia, a quarterly published by Grafia, the Finnish organization for graphic design. Grafia nominated him as Graphic Designer of the Year in 1997.

Pavel Zelenka
Studio Marvil

Pavel Zelenka was born in 1970 in the Czech Republic. After five years of medical studies he left university to become graphic designer. In 1995 he co-founded two-person DTP business called Marvil, which within a few years became a full service graphic and pre-press company employing 10 people. His work has been awarded in annual exhibition “The most beautiful books” in Prague. He is an OpenType and Unicode enthusiast and his company, Studio Marvil, has converted more than 3000 fonts to OpenType format for URW++. In 2003, together with his friends Filip Blažek, Pavel Kocička and Jakub Krc he began to publish Typo magazine, a Czech/English bi-monthly concerning typography, visual communication and graphic design.

Maxim Zhukov

Maxim Zhukov’s main occupation is multilingual typography. He is involved in type design, consulting for individual designers and type foundries. From 1977 to 2003 he worked for the United Nations in New York. For a few years he taught typographic design at his alma mater, Moscow Printing Institute; he teaches a course on world scripts at Parsons School of Design, and a course on advanced typography at The Cooper Union, both in New York. Zhukov writes on typography and type design. He is a member of a number of Russian and American professional societies and associations. He is a member of the ATypI Board of Directors, and is the ATypI Country Delegate for Russia.

Ritva Leinonen
Lahti Institute of Design

Ritva Leinonen is an artist and a teacher. She works as a painter and graphic designer and has an interest in calligraphy. She is a member of The Association of painters in Finland, and has had exhibitions in Finland since 1964 and abroad since 1972. Her work is in museums and collections in Finland, Sweden, Poland and France. Ritva has been a lecturer in visual communication and typography at Lahti Institute of Design since 1971 and a teacher at UIAH, Helsinki from 1979-1982. Though she is organising for the first time in Lahti Finland, she has organized typographic symposiums and Typodays in Finland since 1995. A member of ATypI since 1997, she has been the Finland Country Delegate to ATypI since 2002.

Markus Itkonen
Graphic Designer

Markus Itkonen (born in 1965) began his career with different kinds of graphic design in the mid-80s but has since focused more and more on book design and typography. His one-man studio, started in 1987, is located near the sea in south-eastern Helsinki. Itkonen is an MA; he studied art history and communications at the Helsinki University and graduated in 1991. Before that, he had graduated from the school of the Finnish graphic designers’ association (Mainosgraafikkojen koulu) in 1986. Itkonen is the author of Typografian käsikirja (a Finnish handbook on typography, 2003) and has written a lot of articles on typography. Since the early 90s, his book designs have won several honourable mentions in the Finnish contest for the most beautiful books of the year. Itkonen also does part-time teaching on typography.

Riitta Brusila
University of Lapland

Professor Riitta Brusila is teaching and researching visual communication and graphic design at University of Lapland.She has worked as a visual journalist and graphic designer in media. She is a partner of a design company. Dr. Brusila has studied at University of Art and Design, Helsinki (1987 M.A., visual communication) and at University of Tampere (1997 Doctor of social sciences, communication research and visual journalism).She has published articles and books about picture and typography research. She has also translated some of Jan Tschichold’s texts into Finnish. Brusila has been chairman of the board of Grafia (Finnish Graphic Designer's Association) since 2003.

Marjaana Virta
Graphic Designer

TypeTech Forum Chairmen

Simon Daniels

Simon Daniels is a program manager in Microsoft's typography group. He is a graduate of the typography and graphic communication program at The University of Reading in the UK. Simon has responsibility for most of Microsoft's western and middle-eastern typefaces, the Microsoft typography web site (, and works with Microsoft's diverse software, hardware and marketing groups on font related issues.

Ted Harrison

Ted Harrison and Yuri Yarmola started Fontlab Ltd. shortly after Ted’s graduation from the Wharton School as a freshly minted MBA. As President of the company, Ted’s responsibilities include financial management, marketing, and distribution of Fontlab products. Dr. Harrison (M.D., 1975) has started a number of companies in addition to Fontlab and has extensive experience in international business and trade. He once tried his hand at designing a typeface but was told to stick to things for which he had some aptitude.