Crossroads of Civilizations

Crossroads of Civilizations interpreted by Roman Černohous

The ATypI Prague Conference theme for 2004 is “Crossroads of Civilizations” – which recognizes the unique and strategic place that Prague occupies in the heart of Europe, and refers to the unique place that Prague has in the world of both graphic design and ideas.

Prague is among the most beautiful European capitals - “the golden city of one hundred spires”, the city of Mozart, Smetana and Dvořak, of Kafka, Kundera and Havel. Prague is also one of the oldest international centers of printing, publishing, and print design. Czech typography is world-famous for its daring innovation, sophistication and originality. The names of Preissig, Dyrynk, Teige, Kaláb, Menhart, Hlavsa, and Týfa belong to the hall of fame of international typographic design.

The conference will focus on the special creative contribution of Central and East European designer world and its relation to international typographic developments. Major themes of the presenters include Cyrillic, Hungarian & Polish Traces; Of Czechs & Slovaks; and our Keynote Address.

Rick Poynor will be the Keynote speaker for the 2004 Conference. Poynor is the founding editor of Eye Magazine in London in 1990, now writes a column for Eye and its website. Poynor will speak about the new spirit in the design and typography field which is coming from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and influencing the West, and the designer's responsibility for the visual environment.

In addition, there will be papers covering many aspects of the creative work of typographic designers worldwide. A major Conference sub-theme focuses on newspaper design and typography, with a number of presentations and panel discussions on international newspaper design subjects. There will in addition be papers covering many additional international typographic and design subjects.

These themes include: Between Student and Teacher, Fonts and Tools, Identity and Culture, Selling Fonts, The Diacritical Mark, The Essence of Type, The Legibility Issue, and Typographic Babylon. There are several additional amusements in the category of For Something Completely Different.

Please refer to the list of speeches and presentations and to the speaker list for program details.

In the Fall of 2003, students of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (VŠUP) in Prague analyzed the theme of the conference in a student project. One of the students, Roman Černohous has been selected to design the conference logo.