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Starts at 17:00, 30 September 2004,
at Archa Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic

Preliminary content, subject to change.

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Thursday 30 September

20:20 Rick Poynor
Crossroads of civilizations

Friday 1 October

08:45 Cyrus Highsmith
The hitchhiker’s guide to typography
09:30 Gerard Unger
10:15 Break
The Accidental Text Face
11:15 F. Štorm, P. Zelenka, J. Týfa
Life and work of Josef Týfa
12:00 Lunch Timothy Donaldson
The world’s even bigger Hamburgefonts
13:30 Peter Biľak
About Nothing, mainly
Jean François Porchez
Parisine and legibility
L. Nijs, F. de Bleser, T. de Smedt
Experimental typeface design workshops
14:15 Max Kisman
The keyboard is a toolkit
Johannes Bergerhausen
Decode Unicode!
15:00 Break
15:30 Petra Černe Oven
The development of diacritical marks
Mark Barratt
Silk purse and sow’s ear
Taro Yamamoto
Japanese using InDesign and OpenType
16:15 Ole Lund
British traffic signs
J. V. Gaultney, A. Twardoch
The tenderness of princes being late, part 1
17:00 Break / Auction Preview
17:50 ATypI Auction

Saturday 2 October

08:45 Paul Stiff
The emigrés and modernity
Yuri Gherchuk
Wood engraving and lettering in the oeuvre of Vladimir Favorsky
T. Harrison, L. Penney
EULAs & Font Personalization
09:30 Ken Barber
Imre Reiner: the alphabet as art
J. Balusikova,
e-a-t (experiment and typography)
10:15 Break
10:30 Steve Rigley
All that is solid melts into Arial...
Richard Kegler
On Vojtěch Preissig
J. V. Gaultney, A. Twardoch
The tenderness of princes being late, part 2
11:15 Angel J Castaños Martínez
Typography in Spanish daily newspapers
Veronika Burian
On Oldřich Menhart
12:00 Lunch Carima El-Behairy
Value of a Font
13:30 S. Esterson, R. F. Rehe, J. D. Berry
Multiple points of entry
F. Štorm, M. Pistora, O. Karlas
Czech Type Library
Johannes Küster
Fonts for Mathematics
14:15 , G. Unger, J. F. Porchez, J. D. Berry
Daily types
Iva Knobloch
On Ladislav Sutnar
Yuri Yarmola
15:00 Break
15:30 Andrea Marks
Freedom on the fence
E. van Blockland, B. Jacobs, J. F. Porchez, G. Leonidas
Education in type design
Eric Menninga
Composition of Inner Space
16:15 Vladimir Yefimov
Cyrillic letters: their origin, history and evolution
Mark Thomson
17:00 Break, transfer to Gala Dinner

Sunday 3 October

08:45 Martin Majoor
A Dutchman in Poland
Y. Yarmola, T. Harrison
What’s new in FontLab Studio 5?
09:30 Jovica Veljović
Crossroads of scripts
Erik van Blockland
The RoboFab toolkit and the UFO format
10:15 Break
10:30 J. V. Gaultney, J. Hudson, G. Leonidas, G. Wade, V. Yefimov, M. Zhukov
World types
Krisztina Somogyi
Identity of typographers and designers in Hungary
11:15 Jakob Trollbäck
Helvetica in Motion
Thomas Phinney
Requiem for a Font Format
12:00 Lunch
13:30 General Assembly
15:00 Break, transfer to VŠUP