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e-a-t (experiment and typography)

Selection of contemporary Czech and Slovak work (1995–2004)

Special viewing & reception: Thursday Sep 30 at 16:00
Location Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Exhibition Hall, 17. listopadu 2, Prague 1

e-a-t (experiment and typography) is a project which reunites designers from the Czech and Slovak Republics. It is a platform to expose typographic work from both countries and acknowledges the fact that the Czech Republic and Slovakia were once a single state. The first e-a-t exhibition presented 35 authors, and the collection continues to expand progressively with new, undiscovered works from the last 20 years. e-a-t is the enthusiastic initiative of designers/curators Alan Záruba (CZ) and Johanna Balušíková (SK), who are both inspired by type work with origins which are local and from abroad. A special viewing for the ATypI conference guests is organized on 30th of September 2004 in the museum.

The show focuses on projects which document the development of designers’ ideas. Attention is paid to the process of creating innovative solutions in the fields of type design and typography, often engaging experimental processes as a means to approach unknown territory. Both the ideas in progress and finished works are core elements of the concept. Our intention is not to chronologically survey the body of work done in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: we prefer to draw attention to a selection of intelligent concepts which address the environment, changing technologies, consider the subjective and personal, etc. The e-a-t exhibition presents the various type design projects in large format posters (1.7 x 1.5m) which unite the form and function to support the individual stories. Creative processes are documented in large numbers of sketches and notes. To complement the variety of projects we consider worth displaying, there is also multimedia work and printed matter, both from commissioned and independent work. We will distribute information about new projects through several e-a-t exhibitions and a regularly updated website. We hope to create debate within the professional audience and to publish a comprehensive book featuring the projects and thoughts behind them. Above all, we intend introduce our work abroad where this subject is still undiscovered. The exhibition runs regularly Sep 2–Sep 30, 2004, daily except Mondays 10:00–18:00.

Visit www.e-a-t.org and www.upm.cz

TDC 50 & TDC2 2004

During the conference
Location Archa Theatre

The Type Directors Club Exhibition consists of two exhibits: TDC 50, the winners of the 50th Annual International Competition, which showcases the best in typography for the calendar year of 2003. TDC2 2004 consists of the winners of the Type Directors Club Typeface Design Competition. The works of both exhibits will comprise the Type Directors Club Annual, Typography 25, designed by Diego Vainesman, and published by HarperCollins Publications. The annual will be available in December.

The Type Directors Club is an international professional organization dedicated to educating its membership on type, type history, type in design, type as it relates to new technologies, and the power of type as a communications tool. For over fifty years TDC has been involved in the graphics arts industry. Its members include type designers, type directors, art directors, graphic designers, calligraphers, and those who have a fondness for the letterform.

To join TDC (and get a free copy of Typography 25), go to www.tdc.org.

The SOTA TypeGallery 2004

During the conference
Location Archa Theatre

The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) brings its annual TypeGallery to Prague during ATypI. First exhibited at TypeCon2004 in San Francisco in July, TypeGallery2004 features an unjuried showcase of new type design from around the globe. The TypeGallery also includes the Tupigrafia and Letras Latinas exhibitions of exceptional type, design, and lettering from Latin America. A visual chronicle of Underware's "Shut Up and Listen" workshop is part of the SOTA show, along with another taste of the Netherlands, a display of posters from Dutch designers. The work of Ed Benguiat is also featured in the TypeGallery, as part of a tribute to the prolific type designer and lettering artist, who received the second annual SOTA Typography Award at TypeCon2004.

To join SOTA, go to www.typesociety.org.


Joint exhibition of students of typography from Prague and The Hague. A Tribute to the ATypI 2004 Conference.

Sep 30–Oct 30, 2004, daily 10:00–18:00
Location: VŠUP/AAAD

Beatrice Warde’s brief text “This is a printing office . . . crossroads of civilization . . .” was the inspiration for the organizers of this year’s ATypI Conference in Prague. Taken out of its original context, this slogan has subsequently become a starting-point for end-of-the term works of students of two studios of graphic design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The present exhibition is a pretext for the presentation of works of our students; it should remind the visitors to the conference that Prague is not only a crossroads of certain civilizations, but also the home and the workplace of talented graphic designers with a wide view of the world.

A meeting of three typographic studios (schools), which maintain friendly relations with each other, would be in itself sufficient to fulfill the meaning of the word “crossroads” conceived as mutual interpenetration and inspiration by creative ideas, if we considered typography as an ancillary art discipline only… The typeface and the study of its character in various languages of the world is the subject of interest of the students of Type]Media, the postgraduate department for Type Design and Typography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Each of the twelve students of this department (Erik van Blokland, Paul van der Laan, Just van Rossum, Petr van Blokland, Françoise Berserik, Frank Blokland, Jan-Willem Stas, Frans van Mourik, Fred Smeijers and Peter Biľak) has created, under the guidance of the Academy’s teachers, a draft of an original typeface, which takes into consideration already in its design the specific features of the selected language area. Some of the students in their investigations into the frequency of letters in various languages and their professionally executed digital realizations of original alphabets have reached the boundary of genuine scientific research. The students from the Haag prove by their exhibits that the visual identity of a cultural institution, a company or an orientation system within a public space can be built on the firm basis of an unmistakable typeface.

The Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communication, headed by Rostislav Vaněk, solved the theme of the “crossroads” in a close link to the promotion of ATypI as a bearer of traditional values and promoter of innovative trends in typography. By means of an effective graphic short-cut, linked-up to simple, animated visual signs and with the use of contemporary aesthetic reflections, Vaněk’s students achieve crystal clear communicability and easy realizability of each of the designs exhibited. The works of these students, created under the careful guidance of their teacher, rank with the top of European graphic design. Lettering was not always a bearer of powerful art emotions. Today, however, we are witnesses to further gradual interpenetration of typography and absolutely free art. At present even a conceptual artist can find a common language with a typographer. There are no longer any hard and fast lines that would separate the individual areas of graphic design. In the studio of Type and Typography, headed by František Štorm, the emphasis is placed on an individual and unmistakable style. In this studio, loosely formulated assignments stimulate the development of the student’s personality, so that the fourteen students participating in the exhibition represent the same number of diametrically differing answers to the question, what exactly is this crossroads of civilizations. František Štorm, August 22, 2004