Prague & Travel
The golden city of one hundred spires

“Prague doesn’t let go, this mother has claws.
One has to yield or on both sides burn it, from Vyšehrad and Hradčany
only then it would be possible to tear yourself free...”

– Franz Kafka

The 48th annual ATypI conference takes place in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The unique flair of this historic city is yet another reason to visit the conference! Shortly, we will be giving you more insights into the amazing city of Prague.

Foto by Karel Neubert Foto by Jirka Karásek
Foto by Jirka Karásek and Radek Sidun Foto by Karel Neubert

What is Prague?

Jan Dvořák, Editor of “A–Z Prague Culture Guide”, writes about Prague:
“What is Prague? Look at a map of Europe and there it is, In the Czech lands at the heart of the continent, in its most sensitive region, there is Prague. From a historical viewpoint, Prague is among the oldest European towns and is presently one of the only Middle Age cities still preserved...” [Read more]


Andrzej Tomaszewski and Adam Twardoch think about two ATypI Prague conferences: 1969 and 2004... [Read more]


The photos on the following pages deliver the proof how beautiful and interesting Prague is... [Read more]


A selection of maps showing the key locations is available... [Read more]

Prague key locations

Traveling information

Whether for visa requirements, weather information or restaurat guides, we have includeded a selection of web links for Prague... [Read more]

Guarant Tours of Prague

NEW! Our local organizing partner Guarant offers a selection of three sightseeing tours in Prague... [Read more]

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