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Photofont Debuts!

or Oh, no! not another font format!

It didn’t make it onto the schedule, but at 10am on Saturday Ted Harrison will present a new type format: photofont. This is an open-spec, XML-based type format for web pages that allows hypertext searching, selection, copying and pasting, linking etc. while preserving the exact typography that the web page designer specified. In other words, the viewer sees bitmap type the way the web designer designed it, but he can still manipulate it and use it like plain ASCII hypertext.

Since the photofont format is brand new, Fontlab is sponsoring a contest for a photofont logo. The entries will be posted on the photofont website ( and the winner will be selected by popular vote. First prize is a copy of BitFonter (with which one can easily create new photofonts) and second prize is a Fontlab t-shirt.

Browse to in a few days for details on how to enter.

Sala G, 10am Saturday morning: Photofonts: a new typography technology for the web.

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