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Dedicated bounty-hunters thronged to the ATypI auction on Friday evening.

Hardened bargainers and neophytes alike engaged in a spirited but very genteel event.

The auction, which raises money for ATypI's publishing activities, as always attracted a miscellaneous selection from the fabulous art object to the 'only its mother could love it' oddity. Among the former, a Golden Cockerel edition of The Phaedo. Among the latter, a PC DOS Postscript Palatino on 4 5.25" discs and miscellaneous typefaces on spinning discs.

ATypI president Mark Batty was understated auctioneer, aided and abetted by Sharon Moncur who stood, perhaps rather too discreetly, behind the podium with sale items held high. Did I detect a note of regret in the auctioneer's style, as he parted company with a slew of former personal posessions? Too late now to ask for them back.

In total the auction raised UKP1985 (about €3375), the highest bids being from Frank Blokland for a 1924 Caslon Old Face specimen book, from Freda Sack for the original Stempel drawings for Garamond Janson Italic, and from Sharon Moncur for a page from George Bickham's Universal Penman.

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