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You've got 'em all wrong!

Gerry Leonidas under arrest

Greek typographer Gerry Leonidas has been arrested by the police when he was scraping off names of Roman gods on statues in the city and replacing them with the Greek originals.

This morning, the attendees to the ATypI conference in Rome were shocked with the news that the profound Greek typographer and type lecturer Gerry Leonidas has been arrested by the Roman Polizia Municipale (city police). Last night, Gerry was captured by Italian policemen in the centre of Rome whan he was attempting to scrape off the inscription 'IVPITER' placed at the pedestal of an antique statue of the Roman god Jupiter. Reportedly, on Friday evening, Gerry had 'borrowed' the stonecutting tools that Michael Harvey had used during the stonecarving demonstration. Then, Gerry headed towards the centre of Rome with the goal of correcting 'wrong' inscriptions on some Roman statues.

'Everybody knows that there was no Jupiter! It's all fake invented by the Romans. The real name of this god was Zeus, and I don't have to add that this was a Greek god, not Roman', said Gerry to the Italian police captain after he was arrested.

The ATypI Board of Directors has agreed to try to persuade the Roman authorities to release Gerry. 'Gerry is well known as a profound scholar and his engagement in Greek type is well known. We will try to make clear to the Italian police that he was executing a scientific project.'

The spokesperson of the Greek embassy in Rome refused to comment on this issue.

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