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Poems worth a life

Happening event of he conference

You missed the happening event of the conference if you missed Professor R. K. Joshi’s presentation Devanagari typographic design in concrete poetry from India. The audience was treated to short but intense performaces of Professor Joshi’s poems – where sound, typographic image, and choreography combine to telling effect. Starting of course with a namaste greeting to the audience, the presentation included examples of concrete poetry and prose from various periods and cultures, before concentrating on Joshi’s own evocative and joyful work.

‘Approaching pure sounds – a visual presentation of phonetics,’ is Joshi’s own description of his work. In one piece, the four letters for the words square are enunciated separately, as the poet steps from one compass point to another, physically representing the disposition of the letters projected above him.

‘The happiest presentation so far,’ was the consensus among th audience crowding round the speaker at the end for a closer look at the examples he had brought along.

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