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Erik or Faust?

Spiekermann slides work

In a snappy and always tasteful presentation, Erik Spiekermann explored the changing cultural and typographical stereotypes of the world outside. Illustrated with some fabulous location shots, and a portrait of the ever debonair Gerard Unger seated on his velocipede, the talk was an opportunity to see how signwriting is slowly disappearing to be replaced with more and more computer generated signage. And computer generated more and more implies PDF, which in turn implies font substitution with the attractive and very accommodating Adobe Sans.

Your correspondent worries that he is part of a growing group of people who admire the Transport Alphabet created by Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinnear. He is more worried to find that he too regards the Italians’ rather unsympathetic use of this lettering as almost sacrilegious. It’s utilitarian lettering, designed for the grime of the street, it can cope with a few fly-posters stuck over it, it can be squashed or made bold and then emboldened again: get over it, enjoy it!

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