ATypI conferenceCopenhagen. 20 to 23

Dansking ligature festival: We invited people who design letters, together with butchers and bakers, to create a ligature for our amusement and delight. The conference newsletter Dansking needed an sk ligature.

We asked you to draw or make one for us and *either* bring it with you to Copenhagen *or* send us an image file (photograph, postscript, etc) of it. The rules can be seen below.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a ligature either at the conference or afterwards.


The object should be an sk ligature.

The object should have some connection in its style, materials or construction with Denmark, our host nation. In creating these rules, we imagine you using famous Danish products as construction materials: butter, bacon, pastry and Lego spring immediately to mind. If you are thinking aquatically, please note: we insist that no mermaids be harmed in the making of your ligature.

Electronic files must be sent to and may be in any format.

Physical objects should be brought to the Dansking newsdesk at the conference, where they will be photographed and/or eaten.

Please tell us who you are and add a sentence or so to describe your creation. If the Danish connection is obscure, you may need to tell us what it is.