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Fontlab Introduces Four New Products

Fontlab Ltd. will announce four new product releases at the annual ATypI conference this year: TransType 2, FontLab 4, AsiaFont Studio 2, and BitFonter. TansType 2 will be first released in a Mac version. With this new upgrade it adds capabilites for format conversion and Multiple Master font conversion to its basic platform conversion function. In effect TransType becomes a universal font convertor. FontLab 4 has been eagerly awaited for the past year, since early demos were shown at the last ATypI meeting. Its main new features (among hundreds) are OTF compatibility and Python scripting. AsiaFont Studio is the new version of FontLab Composer. Designed for easy editing and creation of Far East fonts, its newest incarnation now includes the ability to edit double-byte TrueType fonts and to convert CID fonts to TT fonts. BitFonter is a brand new tool from FontLab. It is a professional level bitmap font editor with a host of features allowing I/O, conversion, and editing of virtually every bitmap font format. Fontlab will be demonstrating the new products in the ATypI conference computer room on the following schedule:

  • Friday 10am TransType 2
  • Friday 2pm FontLab 4
  • Saturday 10am AsiaFont Studio 2
  • Saturday 2pm BitFonter

In addition, Ted Harrison, Yuri Yarmola, and Cyril Moorzin from Fontlab will be hanging around the conference every day to answer any questions or give impromptu demos.

Posted on: 20 September 2001
Posted by: Ted Harrison