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Welcome to the ATypI Leipzig 2000 web site. The conference is being held from 21 to 24 September 2000 in Leipzig, Germany.

ATypI conferences provide a place where the hottest type and information about type is available and the best-known and brightest luminaries of the type world gather.

At ATypI conferences, international friendships are created and renewed, all opinions can be aired, and for all the answers you find, you'll find more questions to ask.

Conference update

The conference timetable is now available. Have a browse and plan what talks or workshops you would like to attend.

The ATypI conference newsletter and webzine, Fracture[d], will feature a gallery of Fs (and/or fs) from any letter-maker who will submit them. No prizes except for the appreciation (or amusement) of your peers. They can be made any way you like, from an existing font or drawn or otherwise made or built, in any format that we can reproduce. If you need a theme, use 'Fracture/Fraktur'. Give us your name and [optional] few words of description, explanation, history, or justification. Send them to Fracture's editor ( electronically, or bring hard copy to Leipzig. If you make it by hand and sign it, we'll add the original to the traditional ATypI auction of type ephemera, memorabilia, and typographic objects which raises money ($8000 last year) for a good cause.

Want to know how to get to Leipzig, and how to get around once you are there? Take a look at our travel page.

We have lots of new inofmration on the many speakers at this years conference. Check out the program section.

Our sponsors

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, without whose help, the conference could not go ahead.

Diamond Sponsor
Fontshop International / Fontshop Germany

Gold sponsor
Agfa Monotype

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Tiro Typeworks


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URW++ / Dutch Type Library