Adil Allawi

The revival of the Linotype Arabic Typefaces and Arabic typography

The presentation will provide a brief history of the development of the Linotype typefaces, bringing together the past experience, justification and kerning requirements, new technologies (that the fonts are based on), new kinds of tools (for building the fonts), looking at problems for the future, piracy, copyright protection, educating the marketplace in the benefits of new typefaces), protection within existing operating systems, advances in typography, creating an electronic Koran, Diwan's project to add full Koranic calligraphy to the whole library of typefaces.

Adil Allawi has been working in the field of multilingual computing for the past 17 years. He started with writing bilingual software for one of the first implementations of Arabic on a personal computer and has continued into the field of desktop publishing. Adil has worked on rewriting a high-end DTP application first to handle both Arabic and English and later to work with all international languages. His work has also involved engineering of computer typefaces for Arabic including the Diwan Mishafi typeface, which recently won an award of excellence from the Type Directors Club.