Rainer Baginski

Work slowly – achieve more: natural creativity

Rainer Baginski will speak about the luxury of handmade products, different perceptions of time, how working slowly is more in tune with the natural human spirit and how the speed of computers and modern technology doesn't always bring benefits or good results.

Rainer Baginski is 60 years old and has been a copywriter in German and European agencies like GGK, TBWA, Ogilvy & Mather, now working as a freelance consultant on brand philosophy and as an author. He began writing books five years ago and a title on advertising will be published during the week of the conference: "We drink all we can, the rest we sell". His interest in speed of working and different perceptions of time has occupied him for the last four years. A book on the subject, entitled "Countdown, a Time Journey" is planned beginning at chapter 100 and ending with chapter 0.