Peter Bain

Frakturstreit! (Broken typefaces don't need fixing)

The panel will start off considering whether fraktur typography (having a history including Martin Luther and Martin Bormann) can or should exist in the present German environment. The panelists will illustrate their arguments with selected fraktur designs, each putting fraktur in a lively, personal perspective. Separately, whether fraktur can play any role in a language like English, outside of Germany, will be examined. The discussion is expected to be engaging.

While attending Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Bain was introduced to broad-pen lettering. After college, he was Type Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising in New York for over a decade. As a Brooklyn-based freelance designer and typographer, his clients have ranged from consumer advertisers to academic publishing, with projects from logotype design to typeface restoration. Bain has taught typography at the City University of New York and has been a guest lecturer.

Peter Bain, together with Paul Shaw, co-curated the 1998 Exhibition "Blackletter: Type and National Identity" at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York. The exhibition traveled to Lyon, France for the ATypI conference that year. He co-edited the monograph of complementary essays and contributed a checklist of German blackletter types. The catalogue, published in 1999, has won awards from the AIGA and the Type Directors Club.