Dr Chris Burke

Futura - biography of a typeface

The classic typeface Futura, designed by Paul Renner, has endured long beyond its origins in German modernism of the 1920s. But it was always a more complex piece of work than first appearances imply: it took great effort to make it seem so effortlessly geometric. Christopher Burke relates the story behind the design of the typeface.

Chris Burke was born 1967 and after training as a typographer worked briefly at Monotype Typography Ltd. Since 1996, he has taught at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, The University of Reading, England where he is Director of the MA Typeface Design.

His book Paul Renner: the art of typography was published in 1998 by Hyphen Press (London) and Princeton Architectural Press (USA).

He has designed two typefaces, Celeste (1992) for Fontshop International, and Pragma, a sanserif. (1995)