Dan Carr
Golgonooza Letter Foundry & Press

The sculpture of letters in steel: typographic punchcutting as an art form

The typographic letterform has been profoundly influenced by the sculpture of letters in steel and may never lose this influence. The incremental shaping of form, as in any sculpture, develops a different quality of line than either writing or drawing. Since punches are cut in relief the quality of line is distinct from incised stone-cut letters as well. Typographic punchcutting remains a viable aesthetic choice making possible a fresh understanding of letterforms through the process of sculptural evolution.

Dan Carr's demonstration of typographic punchcutting will include the steps from preparation of the blank steel through to smoke proofing and finishing the letter, as well as the preparation of tools for punchcutting.

Dan Carr is a punchcutter, type designer, poet and printer. His hand-cut typeface "Regulus" won him a Diplome de Maitre-graveur typographe awarded by the Maitre-graveur typographes francais. His digital typeface "Cheneau" was chosen for a judges' choice award by the Type Directors Club in 2000. With his partner J. Ferrari he publishes, designs and prints fine limited edition books. These books, set and printed with metal types cast at their atelier Golgonooza Letter Foundry & Press, are widely collected and exhibited. "Gifts of the Leaves" a book printed with Carr's hand-cut "Regulus" was chosen as one of the top ten acquisitions of the last decade by Stanford University in California; it was also chosen for a special design binding by D. Glaister for the collection at the Hague this last year.