Johann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf

The typographic oeuvre of this controversial printer, inventor of improved setting of musical notation and maps, music salesman, typefounder and publisher.

On display will be original matrices from his father's time (before 1739) from the museum in Leipzig and the Norstedt Collection in Stockholm, specimens from this and later periods, musical scores, notations and their matrices and examples of setting for maps.

Type posters

Many posters will be on display throughout the Museum, as a review of the treasures the museum keeps in elaborate wood type

Books produced by the Offizin Haag-Drugulin

Books produced by the Offizin during recent years, all set in metal and printed letterpress, mostly illustrated by manual techniques like wood engraving

Type Directors Club of New York show

TDC 46 This exhibit will contain a selection of the works selected in the 46th Annual International Competition, a showcase of the best in typography for the calendar year of 1999. There were 240 winning pieces.

TDC2 2000 The type Directors Club Typeface Design Competition. There are 18 typefaces that were selected. For the third year, typefaces were selected by an independent jury which included Matthew Carter, John Hudson, Kathleen Tinkel and Barry Deck.