Lutz Ihle

Resolution quality of typefaces for the web

At first a short overview of the development of resolution in setting letters in the digital area - the higher the better. After all this effort for the highest resolution the shock: only 72 dots per inch on the screen. Now we have to test all kind of types referring to the resolution of the screen - legible or not. We have to prove whether the contour of a typeface can be used on a screen with for example 9 pixels high or more.

Born 1956, Lutz Ihle trained as a typesetter in his late 20s. After several years he left the typesetting studio for an advertising agency, becoming a "finisher" for all type of printmedia. Self-employed for the past couple of years he worked in his office for printmedia and "the new media" - multimedia including the internet. After several projects handled with a partner, we founded a design-agency "" at the beginning at 1999. Now we are more and more engaged in "designing for the web" with all technical features and restrictions.