Erhard Kaiser

The philosophy and practical development of DTL Fleischmann

Erhard Kaiser will discuss the artistic and technical rendering of high quality, historical hot metal type designs into the digital era with particular reference to his typeface DTL Fleischmann and set into the context of his own experiences and philosophies. He will look at the overall design concept: separate designs for text and display, how many weights for a modern family (light, regular, bold etc), how many characters etc. He will explain the way he works: using historical sources, study of books and museums, selection, reproduction, drawing, digitising (URW), spacing, kerning, corrections.

Erhard Kaiser was born in Leipzig in 1957 where he studied from 1979-84 at the University "Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst" and obtained a degree Diplom-Grafikdesigner. His main occupation is in type design, typography and calligraphy.

From 1983–1991 Erhard Kaiser worked at TypeDesign for Typoart, Dresden and since 1993 has been with DutchTypeLibrary/URW++. Type designs have included: for Typoart: Calson Gotisch, Kleopatra, Quadro, Weiß-Antiqua, Bembo Antiqua and for DTL/URW++: DTL Fleischmann family consisting of 12 weights. Since 1997 Kaiser has been working on a new contemporary sans serif face. He is also active in the teaching profession, from 1984-86 at the Fachhochschule für Werbung und Gestaltung in Berlin, from 1986-92 at the University of Leipzig and since 1998 at the Muthesius Hochschule in Kiel.