Günter Gerhard Lange

Frakturstreit! (Broken typefaces don't need fixing)

The panel will start off considering whether fraktur typography (having a history including Martin Luther and Martin Bormann) can or should exist in the present German environment. The panelists will illustrate their arguments with selected fraktur designs, each putting fraktur in a lively, personal perspective. Separately, whether fraktur can play any role in a language like English, outside of Germany, will be examined. The discussion is expected to be engaging.

Born in 1921 in Frankfurt/Oder, Lange studied as apprentice of Georg Belwe at the Academy of Graphic and Book Arts in Leipzig. After graduation in 1945 he became assistant to Walter Tiemann. Lange also attended the Higher School of Fine Arts in Berlin. He held a number of academic positions: Reader in Typography at the Master School of Graphics, Printing and Advertising in West Berlin; Advisor in Visual Communications and Reader at the U5 Academy of Graphic Design and Art Direction Munich; Instructor at the School of Applied Art in Vienna. Lange is a honorary member of the Art Directors Club Germany. In 1989 he received the Frederic W Goudy Award from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

As H Berthold AG's artistic director from 1961 to 1990, Günter Gerhard Lange (known to his colleagues as "GGL") was responsible for the creation, meticulous production standards and attention to quality found in each of the Berthold typefaces. Lange's own designs include his revivals of many classical typefaces (e.g. Akzidenz Grotesk Book, Baskerville, Bodoni, Caslon, Garamond, Walbaum Book, Deepdene), as well as originals (Arena, Boulevard, Champion, El Greco, Concorde, Concorde Nova, Imago, Franklin Antiqua, Bodoni Old Face and many others). Lange's unique skills, expertise and craftsmanship elevated Berthold's type programme, producing one of the most significant libraries in the world.

After ten years of retirement from his position as Berthold AG's artistic director, Lange has recently resumed his design activities. Digital fonts based on his earlier and recent designs (Bodoni Old Face, Imago, Arena New, Whittingham, and others) are now being offered as part of a "GGL Exklusiv" series by Berthold Types Ltd, Chicago, a successor to H Berthold AG.