Jürgen Siebert

Emotional_Digital: portraying International type designs

Jürgen Siebert will show contemporary type designs in the form of promotional material, made by the designers who created the fonts: brochures, flyers, post cards, type-specimen books, posters and other material. Because the fonts and their first announcement were created and applied by the same person, so the designer’s original vision, from cutting the typeface to the final printed or digital result, can be seen as a continous process.

Jürgen Siebert started his career in 1986 as the co-founder of Germany’s leading graphic design magazine PAGE, Hamburg. In 1991 he moved to Berlin to join FSI FontShop International. He was responsible for marketing and communication and helped building up the international FontShop network. Since 1994 he has been Marketing Director at FontShop Germany in Berlin. He is member of the FontFont-Typeboard, editor, author and running his editorial office "hitext" in Berlin,