David Turner

The Freetype Project

The FreeType project is a volunteered-based team of individuals who develop open-source, portable and high-quality software solutions for digital typography. We specifically target embedded systems and focus on bringing small, efficient and ubiquitous products.

The presentation will introduce the team's past, present and future projects:

  • FreeType 1: a small, compact and fast font library handling TrueType & OpenType fonts…
  • FreeType 2: a refined version of our font library, providing a new universal API to work with any font format. Already supports: TrueType, OpenType, Type 1, Multiple Masters, CID, CFF/Type2 as well as CEF…
  • FreeType Layout: a new text-layout software library, based on OpenType, but extensible to other layout systems.

David Turner is FreeType's lead designer and writer. He received a master in communication technologies from ENST (Telecom Paris) in 1997, as well as a master (DEA) in computer science from Universite Pierre et Marie Curie in 1997. He worked for a leading set-top-box designer for a period of one year before becoming a freelance software engineer.