Workshops and demonstrations will include

  • Punchcutting by Dan Carr
  • Woodcutting by Rolf Kurth
  • Etching by Thomas Sebening and Rolf Rossler
  • Lithography by Christian Muller
  • Collotype printing by Achim Muller and Uwe Scholz (minimum 5 participants)
  • Calligraphy by Hildegard Korger
  • Cutting wood type by Michael Linke
  • Typecasting by H Neubert and A Wengler
  • Music engraving (to be confirmed)
  • Monotype-Perforator by Wolfgang Their
  • Monotype Casting Machine by Helmut Kopsch
  • The Linotype principle by Karl-Heinz Zech
  • Printing presses of all kinds by Bernd Nitschke