Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin

Broken images: Fraktur between faith & magic

A survey of the socio-cultural meaning of broken letterforms and their use or abuse. In Germany Fraktur once represented an ideal reflection of language and reality. Today, the pictorial quality of broken letterforms attract particularly mystical, reactionary and violent movements world wide. The illustrated talk will also raise questions like: Have older blackletter forms or new broken alphabets in graphic design a life beyond calligraphic exercise or conservative illustration? These questions will also be discussed with experts in the following panel "Frakturstreit"

Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin is a design-journalist, conceptionalist, and typographer and lectures on graphic design and typography. She writes for magazines like Eye, Arc Design, TM-Typografische Monatsblätter and books like Types and Typographers, Who is Who in Graphic Design, Forum Typographie. Yvonne has been a board member of ATypI since 1994 and has curated the ATypI conferences in Antwerp 1993 and Barcelona 1995 and partly Budapest 1992. 1991 she curated for the town of Munich the exhibition “Exempla - Type-Print-Calligraphy” Since 1996 she has been vice-president of Typographische Gesellschaft München. For the communal Art Circle Gräfelfing she is as a board member curating art exhibitions. She lives in Munich.