News is relative: there are no 'important industry announcements' at ATypI conferences - though there's plenty of impotant industry gossip. Here's a selection of the reports from the first two days of the conference.


ATypI 2000: venue announced

Top typo tattoo

Goudy Center in danger

Auction raises $8000

Get a font job at Apple

Share a room?

au big pain

Qwerty revisited

Type on the web

Fonts on the web: the great SVG debate

Type on the web -- Report

CSS: the missing link

Font servers & the ".font" root domain

New fonts

Michael Harvey's new Unicode font previewed

Zapfino: a new script typeface from Hermann Zapf
Review by Karen Parry

Useful -- Open Type web links

Making it work

Alphabet reform: are they mad?

Tufte: Information design's magical curator
Review by David Sless

A response in favour of Tufte


Design competition

Type Directors Club competition


Sales pitches

Fontzone: new look, new features

Graphical search & replace for font editors